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DIY Scalp Scrub to Promote Hair Growth

You exfoliate your face, knees, elbows, feet…….

Are you exfoliating your scalp??

Exfoliation, regardless of where it occurs, promotes cell turnover by removing dead, dull cells and uncovering glowing youthful skin.

It also detoxifies the skin, improves product penetration and reduces sun damage and fine lines.

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As far as the scalp is concerned, the process of removing dead cells also removes buildup and clears clogged hair follicles, thus paving the way for hair growth.


So, are you ready to scrub your scalp? Here’s an easy DIY recipe:

  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp coconut/olive oil

Mix well, apply to scalp and massage gently with the pads of your fingers. DO NOT SCRATCH. Rinse thoroughly to remove all residue and follow with your normal shampoo regimen.

Don’t miss this video with a “no mess” scalp scrub tutorial:

If you’re pressed for time, you can mix the brown sugar with your shampoo or conditioner and massage while applying your product. Normal/dry scalp? Once session per month will do. For oily hair/scalp twice a month is okay.

The scalp is no different than the skin on your face, a little extra TLC will have your scalp in the healthiest possible condition. Do you need a few more hair-boosting recipes?  Sign up to get your copy of the “Top 10 DIY Recipes for Natural Hair“, it’s FREE!


11 thoughts on “DIY Scalp Scrub to Promote Hair Growth

  1. I like what I am reading about my hair ,sound pretty good .I will be trying that brown sugar recipe , I want to see how well it works thank u for all the enformation .

    1. You’re welcome, thank you for checking out the post!

      1. Hi do you mix all 3 together then shampoo?

        1. Yes, you would shampoo after you rinse the scrub out.

  2. Can you do the exfoliator and a mask same day or is that to much? And I was told its better to rinse with cool or luke warm water is this true?

    1. If the mask is a moisturizing treatment I think that would be okay to do after the scrub. The key is making sure that all of the scrub is rinsed out. After you condition rinsing with cool water forces your hair cuticle to close, which gives the hair shine and is said to lock in the nutrients from your conditioner.

      1. Okay great am about to start the scrub now. Thank you!

        1. You’re so welcome! Let me know how it works for you!

  3. Would this help ppl who are bald?

  4. Would this help ppl who are bald?hair loss from illnesses and such

    1. Hi Andrea,
      If the baldness is caused by illness I’m not sure if an external regimen would help, particularly if medication is still being used. Are you willing to share what the specific illness is?

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