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How Grapeseed Oil Can Change Your Life

Ever heard of grapeseed oil??

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes (you’ve probably figured that out). Anyhoo, this powerhouse oil  has awesome moisturizing properties, is rich in minerals and vitamins AND doesn’t irritate the skin.



The high smoke point makes grapeseed oil a good candidate for high temperature cooking; it burns at 420 degrees F , compared to extra virgin olive oil’s 405 degree point. (Source)


Heat Protectant

High smoke point = natural heat protectant, no burnt hair!


“Grape seed oil contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that  helps to build tissue, and lineolic acid, a fatty acid which promotes hair and  skin growth. Brittle or weakened treating it with grape seed oil  can help to restore its strength and shine. Use at a hot oil treatment/pre-poo to promote hair growth

Less Hair Loss

The antioxidants in grapeseed oil can help block the production of DHT,  a hormone that causes hair loss. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to be produced, which can cause hair follicles to react. Consider mixing grapeseed oil with an essential oil like rosemary (just a few drops will do) to promote relaxation of the follicles. It’s perfect for regular scalp massages.


Light and Odorless

If you find that other oils are too heavy for your liking, consider trying grapeseed oil to keep your hair from feeling weighed down. There isn’t a strong smell (talking about you JBCO!), so it can be mixed with other oils or fragrances with ease for use as a bath oil, massage oil, or all over body moisturizer.


Allergic to grapes? Grapeseed oil would be a no-no for you.


Is grapeseed oil a staple in your regimen? Can you think of any other ways to use it? Let us know!


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Nine Facts about Henna that will Impress your Friends

Henna ain’t just for tattoos, people.

Jamila Henna
Jamila Henna

Lawsonia inermis, or henna, is a plant that is native to the Middle East that can grow up to 22ft tall and has a  greyish-brown bark. The leaves can be used as a skin and hair dye and in traditional medicine. The flowers  are sweet scented and can also be used in traditional medicine or the oil can be used for perfumery. Want to know more? Check the tips below:

  1. Henna powder naturally dyes hair in a variety of reddish tones.
  2. Mixed with other powders, and depending on existing hair color, dyes can range from strawberry blonde to blue-black.
  3. It mimics protein in the strengthening properties by filling in the hair cuticle, which makes hair appear thicker.
  4. It has antifungal properties that can be effective against dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis.
  5. Can be used to treat head lice when mixed with fenugreek
  6. Doesn’t fade like chemical dyes
  7. Has been known to loosen curl patterns
  8. Has a drying effect on hair, be sure to DC (deep condition) after use
  9. Strong odor (smells like very strong tea), and application can be very messy

Some people use henna on their hair as often as once a month. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will discuss prep, application, and after care. What do you think about it? Is henna in your future? Let us know!




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2013 Tucson Fashion Week

Did you know that there was such a thing at Tucson Fashion Week?? (it’s time to start getting out a little more….)

Oct 17-19 Fashion Lovahs in southwest AZ, and some other places, came together to celebrate fashion and all its fashionable-ness. The Runway Wrap-Up and Awards show was held at La Encantada, and it was AWESOME.

There were vendors, Designers such as Laura Tanzer, Allie Ollie, BJacket, Tonatiuh, Bowman & Hock and Bert Keeter showcased their talents on the runway.

We even met the founder of Haute Chocolate and her lovely family 😉

Check out some photos and videos from the evening below:

Who wants to go to Tucson Fashion Week next year??

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2013 World Natural Hair Show

Hello all!

This past weekend was the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, and considering I just relocated from Columbus, GA I did not pass up the opportunity to attend and see some friends 😉

This show is presented by Taliah Waajid, and according to the website is the world’s largest natural hair and fashion show. If you wanted to learn about a lot of the companies in the textured hair and natural beauty products industry at one time, this show is definitely worth it. There is a Spring show in April and the Fall show in October, both in Atlanta. The World Natural Health, Beauty and Hair Expo is in NYC and both of these shows are jampacked with vendors, live hair styling demos, music, poetry, something for the kids to do, and of course, there is swag 😉

Check out the photos below, we met lots of great people, connected with some awesome brands, and we’re looking forward to a brighter future that includes more product availability for Cochise County and beyond.

So, would you like to see an event of this magnitude in Arizona? Let us know below!

Don’t forget to Be Exclusively Inclusive!