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3 Oils that Penetrate Natural Hair Strands

oils that penetrate natural hair

How many oils are in your hair care closet?

Simply put, textured hair NEEDS oil to keep to from drying and breaking off. Because of the curly, wavy, coily pattern of textured hair, the scalp’s natural sebum does not travel down the hair shaft as it does with straighter strands. So oil must be added to maintain hair health. The question is, which oils are “best”?

Like everything else, that depends…..

Particularly if you have high porosity hair (or even if you don’t), oils that penetrate the hair shaft are the best choice to treat and condition hair from the inside out.

The capacity of an oil to penetrate the hair depends on the amount triglyceride and short-chain fatty acids it contains, and the manner in which the triglycerides are arranged.

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science about the penetration of oils into hair fibers yielded the following conclusion:

In general, saturated and monounsaturated oils penetrate into the hair because of a compact molecular structure and the polar head group of the triglyceride molecules.

Basically, the molecular structure of certain oils allow them to seep through hair strands. Which oils are we talking about here?

natural hair oils

Based on the oils used in this study, coconut, sunflower and extra virgin olive oil are shown to penetrate the hair strands.


However, a previous study yielded more about the awesomeness about coconut oil:

Specifically the beneficial effect of coconuot oil on the prevention of cuticular damage during combing, when used as a prewash conditioner (AKA Pre-Poo!), has been demonstrated previously by protein loss and water retention measurements.

So, the question remains, when are you going to get your tub of coconut oil?????




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Mo’s Moisture Masters

Let’s face it: desert climate + hard water + textured hair = moisture challenges. The difficulty maintaining moisture in our hair comes with the territory (literally), and I’ve come across a lot of people that wanted to return to using chemicals to straighten their hair, purely out of frustration.

Dry hair leads to brittle hair which leads to breakage….and we simply can’t have that. I get LOTS of practice and experimentation time with finding products that help with this issue between Pumpkin’s hair and mine, and I want to share the products that I’ve discovered (so far) that go a long way to master the moisture problem.

A previous blog post talks about the moisture goodness of aloe vera juice/gel , these two products are definitely staples in our hair care regimen. My spray bottle contains water and aloe vera juice (kept in the fridge) and I frequently mix aloe vera gel with my other favorite product, JBCO to moisturize our hair while in protective styles.

In addition to daily maintenance, JBCO and the Strong Roots Hair Growth Oil are awesome as a prepoo/hot oil treatment for the hair and scalp.

I am all about experimenting with products for styling, but now that I have my holy grail moisturizing products I don’t see myself switching to anything else, at least not while AZ is my home of record:-)

So, have you found the products that help you master moisture? Are you still looking? What have you tried?

Let me know in the comments, let’s compare notes!

To Your Beauty,




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Protective Style Files Vol. 2: Mo’s New ‘Do

In Vol.1 of Protective Style Files, we showed you Pumpkin’s hair regimen and protective style.

Well my wait is over, my hair has been granted a short-term retirement!

‘Ms. Jackson’ is now tucked away and is not expected to return for a few months….except for a day or two in between styles.

As I’ve said before, my hair is very fine, although I have a lot of it. The fine texture makes it more susceptible to breakage so I am a habitual protective styler to preserve my length and keep my hair in the best possible condition. Although I enjoy the convenience of not having to fiddle with my hair at length every day, I do fiddle with my hair a little bit every day while in a protective style to ensure it stays in top condition.

Prior to doing my current style hair was been prepooed, cowashed, deep conditioned and flat twisted with EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Pudding Souffle. I left the flat twists in for two days. The day that I finally wore the twistout was the day that I started braiding. I started by spritzing my hair with a mix of water and aloe vera juice to moisturize and aid in detangling.

20140223-165211.jpgOnce I parted off a row to braid I apply a mix of aloe vera gel and JBCO  (stirring until creamy) to each section before braiding the synthetic hair in.




After about 15 hours ( I’m not sure, I stopped counting after 11), a House of Cards marathon and about 8 packs of hair…..



This is kanekelon hair so no burning was required, the ends were dipped in hot water to prevent unraveling.  I plan to keep these in for at least 6 weeks. (side note: I re-braid the edges to keep them looking fresh…) I will be sharing my maintenance regimen for this style in a future blog post, and I’ve already decided what my next protective style will be! Stay tuned!!

Let me know what you think about this style, or about protective styles in general. Post your comment or email me directly at


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Protective Style Files Vol. 1: Pumpkin’s Updated Regimen

This past weekend was “New Hair Weekend” for Pumpkin, she gets a new ‘do every two weeks. This is usually a half-day process, and I make sure that she has enough to keep her entertained. After her braids are taken down I massage her scalp with the Strong Roots Red Pimento Growth Oil and apply my mix of JBCO, grapeseed and jojoba oil to her hair. As the weather has gotten cooler and drier I’ve incorporated a steam treatment into her pre-poo, she sits under the steamer for about 20 minutes.

After her steam, her hair is very moisturized and much easier to detangle. Time to shampoo….

I use shampoo instead of cowash to make sure that her scalp gets as clean as possible. She is very active and busy, and after two weeks her hair and scalp need some TLC.


I like the Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo for her because it cleans without making her hair feel stripped. We also do some type of repairing/strengthening treatment once a month, and I used the DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque this time. It was left on for about 5 minutes after her shampoo and rinsed out.

If there is ANY product that I will go to the ends of this planet to get is the Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner. This stuff REALLY works through her tangles and eases the pain (literally) of combing through her hair.



After the detangling session I apply my oil mix throughout her hair to seal and massage her scalp for a few minutes. To help with hold I mix in a little aloe vera gel with my cream of choice for her cornrows or twists. After about 2.5 hours she is done.

2nd Day Hair:

She sleeps on a satin pillowcase because I don’t like bonnets and scarves rubbing on her edges and scarves don’t survive through the night. This style will last two weeks. Stay tuned for Vol.2 where I show how I moisturize her hair while braided to minimize her breakage.

So, have you made any changes to your hair regimen? Do you use any of these products? Let us know in the comments!




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The Beauty of Being Unique

We’re more than half way through the #BYOBLove campaign, and the response has been pretty nice. The message behind BYOB is to be authentically you and love that person. Don’t be a version of another person, be YOU.

You are uniquely created, gifted and talented for a specific purpose, it is your job to recognize what that is and walk in it, and share it with the world.

While the BYOB message was birthed with women in mind, it’s nice when we can bring a male perspective on the same sentiment, as in the below video of astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“The greatest of people that have ever been in society were not versions of someone else. They were themselves.”

Click below to watch:



Now for the priceless question: what are you going to do to highlight the unique “combination of facts” that is the beauty and awesomeness of you???

Be Your Own Beautiful.



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Protective Style Files Vol. 3: Pumpkin’s Morning Moisture Regimen

What is your most prominent hair issue? For a lot of us, it’s moisture retention. The curls, coils and kinks of textured hair made it difficult for the scalp’s natural sebum to travel down the hair shaft. Pumpkin’s hair is no different. She has coarse, 4C, very coily type hair, and since we only do protective styles (I can’t do the hair combing fight before school every morning), I have to make sure that her hair gets moisturized almost daily.



Vol. 1 showed Pumpkin’s shampoo and style regimen, and I’m now going to share what I do to keep her hair and scalp moisturized while in her protective style. She sleeps on a satin pillowcase without a bonnet or scarf so we don’t have to worry friction between her hair and cotton while she’s sleeping (unless she pushes the pillow out of the bed during the night, that’s another story….).



This process usually takes no more than 5 minutes to do, so it’s very convenient for school mornings. I squirt a glob of aloe vera gel into my palm, top it with some of my oil mixture  and rub my hands together to warm and mix the two together.




I then apply the mix to her braids, if she has a bang or any exposed ends I do those parts first and work all over her head, getting every braid. Her hair literally comes to life once the mix has been worked through. It has sheen and her ends look juicy and coily.


Once we get into week 2 of her style her hair starts to “crawl” out of the cornrows so she wears a satin scarf for about 10 minutes after I moisturize to lay the hair back down. The below pics are 10 days into the style.

Vol.5 is going to show her nighttime moisture regimen, and it’s not at all labor-intensive or time consuming. I believe that a protective style isn’t worth anything if the hair isn’t properly cared for during the process. I hope this journey is inspiring you to “keep hope alive” and enjoy your textured hair. If you have a curly cutie at home, tell us how you maintain their hair, and make sure you include a pic 🙂

Exclusively Inclusive!

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Texture Talk: Protective Style Files

Hey yall, it’s Mo.

I’ve been ruminating about our most recent event, Let’s Talk about TEXture:A Curly Conversation, and the discussion was so rich and lively that I wanted to share a little bit more about my personal challenges and adventures, until we meet again, that is 😉

One of the topics that came up during the event was the use of protective styling to maintain a healthy head of hair. We discussed what a protective style is and how tucking our hair away with very little manipulation works for many people (including me, considering I have fine hair).

I also talked about how I maintain my daughter’s hair through the exclusive use of protective styling. I’ve received several questions since the event and they have inspired the upcoming blog series that I’m calling the Protective Style Files (Mo and Pumpkin Edition).

I’ll be sharing my daughter’s hair regimen, including cleansing and moisture retention and my protective style maintenance regimen. This is going to be exciting for me, but I’m pretty anxious about it because I’ll be sharing more about myself which makes me a little uncomfortable (I believe I may have been a monk in my former life…I enjoy solitude very much).

Anyhoo, keep in touch, send me your questions/pics/tips via the Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for Vol. 1 of Protective Style Files.

Be Exclusively Inclusive!


P.S. If you have a friend/co-worker/relative that you think can benefit from what we share here, don’t keep it to yourself, sharing is caring 🙂

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‘Let’s Talk about TEXture’ Wrap-Up

Last weekend we hosted the first hair-related event in Sierra Vista, and it was AWESOME!

Curl Collection box winner
Curl Collection box winner


‘Let’s Talk about TEXture: A Curly Conversation’ was  sponsored by Curl Collection and held at the Sun Canyon Inn on Saturday, Feb 8 and our guests enjoyed catered refreshments, intimate vendor shopping, and some wonderful giveaways. We also had April Kraus of April Kraus Photography on hand to capture the event happenings and the lovely ladies on the red carpet!

Here are a few pics from the evening:

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we’re incredibly thankful that they came out. The feedback has been amazing, and we’re looking forward to hosting more events of this type, and others, in southern Arizona.


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An Abundance of Experience in Our Backyard

It’s rare to meet someone with years of expertise in their field that is flying under the radar in their community. Often these people are the first to boast about what they know and what they can do, many times before the question is asked. That’s not the case with local hairstylist, Phyllis Blair. We’d heard her name from several people around town, including other hairstylists, and the consensus was that she was very knowledgeable and had many years of hair care experience. We suspected that she would be a great professional to feature. Needless to say, once we found Phyllis and had after several chats with her, it is abundantly clear why she comes highly recommended, the woman knows her stuff!

Check out our interview with her below:

Do you wear your hair in its natural texture? If so, how long has it been since you stopped using chemicals? How did you “cross over”?

 I cut off my relaxed ends about a year ago. I like the versatility of being curly one day and straight the next.



How long have you been a hair stylist?

I’ve been a hair stylist for 26 years.




What percentage of your clients have textured hair?

About 30% of my clients wear their hair in a non-chemically altered state.


Do you have a specialty? What is it?

I am a certified Color Specialist and I’m also certified as a CHI Texture Specialist. I was an educator for Design Essentials, a Mizani certified stylist and platform artist assistant. I specialize in multicultural hair care, in my years of doing hair I have worked with clients of all ethnicities and hair types.

Color on relaxer-free hair

What’s your hair philosophy?

Acceptance of your unique texture and being patient with your hair is key. In order to have beautiful, healthy hair the scalp has to be clean and avoid using heavy products that cause buildup.

What are your favorite products to use on client’s hair?

I like the CHI product line because it is very adaptable; it works on all hair types.


If you could change anything about local the hair care industry what would it be?

I would encourage stylists to continue their education. The hair care industry as a whole changes all the time; there are always new techniques and products. Continuing education is essential to giving clients the best hair care experience.

Blowout and curl

What advice would you give to someone looking for a stylist to care for their textured hair?

Schedule a consultation with the prospective stylist, ask for at least 15 minutes to address your concerns. You should come away with a sense of comfort that the stylist can give you the best service for your hair. If a prospective client doesn’t request a consultation with me, I offer them the opportunity to come by and chat before scheduling their appointment.

How can textured hair wearers contact you for services?

I am located in Sizzors Salon, 1670 E. Fry Blvd. My number is 520-979-9022.