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The Business of Brows & Beauty: Acacia B. Brows

It seems like it was yesterday that we heard about a  young brow artist with roots in Sierra Vista was making her way back to town and would be establishing her mobile brow and beauty business locally. Since then Acacia Barnett has criss-crossed the Grand Canyon State several times, building her southern Arizona clientele while maintaining her business in the Phoenix area. She’s recently moved into a Sierra Vista location and word on the street is that the Phoenix location is not too far away. So, this begs the question: have your brows met Acacia???

How did your career begin in the world of beauty?

My obsession with makeup began when I was in middle school. I was allowed to wear one eye shadow and it was a really pretty golden brown. It wasn’t until I got to high school and my face started breaking out and I had to figure out something to help me cover up my bad skin. Makeup became a must for me; it was the only way I could cover up my acne and not feel self-conscious. After I finished community college I knew that my love for makeup was much deeper than just myself. I loved doing other peoples makeup and making them feel good about themselves. So before I transferred to Arizona State University I enrolled into Penrose Academy (formally known as Kohler Academy) where I got my aesthetic license. Right out of beauty school I worked for Benefit Cosmetics as an eyebrow arch expert. The funny thing about this is I used to hate doing eyebrows in beauty school, it was the worst for me. If you would have told me in beauty school I would be waxing eyebrows for a living I would have laughed at you. But over time I fell in love with it. I learned it, studied it, and really mastered the art of waxing eyebrows.

How would you describe your signature look?

A red lip! I love a deep dark red lip, it makes me feel like I can concur the world! If I’m not wearing red lipstick you will most likely catch me in a nude neutral, soft makeup look. acacia5

What is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I actually don’t wear makeup all the time. I think this sets me apart from a lot of makeup artists and helps me to be more relatable to my clients. I have flaws in my skin and in my eyebrows and occasionally when I decide not to wear makeup my clients get to see the real me and truly understand the process of shaping an eyebrow and how it takes time to let them grow out. My clients feel more comfortable knowing that I work on growing my eyebrows, just as much as they are. I like to think that if my clients see me with no makeup on, then maybe they too can feel confident with or without makeup and know they are beautiful no matter what.

What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

The number one rule in makeup that women break is there are no rules! With that being said, here are some helpful tips that most women are not aware of: 1. Primer is key. A primer will help keep your makeup on all day. There are two main types of primer, a face primer and an eyelid primer. A lot of women run into the issue where their eye shadow creases by the middle of the day. If you use an eyelid primer this will never happen again. 2. You don’t always have to buy a new foundation for the summer. You might get darker from being in the sun (wear SPF!) and that is ok. Just buy a bronzer and build up your color. This will save you some money instead of buying a new foundation for each season. 3. Eyebrows are important! Your eyebrows can open up and change your face in ways you’d never imagine. 4. You don’t have to stay with one brand for everything you buy. As I like to say “It’s ok to cross pollinate”. There is no rule that says you must buy your concealer, foundation, primer, etc with one company. Mix it up, match different brands together.

How do you believe that looking and feeling beautiful contributes to a woman’s confidence and self-esteem?

Self-esteem and confidence are two of the biggest issues that women have to deal with on a daily basis. I see it and hear it from my clients everyday. If wearing makeup makes you fell good about yourself then wake up an hour early to put on your makeup and to do your hair. If wearing no makeup makes you feel good, then put on some SPF and wear your bear face with pride when you step out your door. It is so important for women to feel confidant in whatever way shape and form, makeup, no makeup, dressed up, or dressed down. Be confident in your skin and don’t let anyone take your joy! You have to know with or without makeup you are still beautiful. Makeup does not define you, it just enhances the features that God already gave you.

What are some of your go-to products?

My go-to products would have to be my “Dipbrow Pomade” by Anastasia, “Eyeshadow Primer Potion” by Urban Decay,  “Naked 1,2,&3 Pallets” by Urban Decay & my MOST prized possession “Stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner” by Stila

What is THE most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Wear what you want to wear, if you have confidence and feel good in your makeup, then you should do it. If you want to wear bright blue eyeliner you go ahead and rock that aquamarine liner and don’t let anybody tell you differently!

How can our readers contact you for services?

They can make appointments or learn more about me at our website, on  our Facebook page: or e-mail us at PastedGraphic-1

Has Acacia worked her magic on your brows?

Has she beat your face? (with makeup that is…let’s learn the lingo people..)

Let us know (share a pic) on our Facebook page!

Be Exclusively Inclusive!!!

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Looking for a New Way to Style your Fro??

In case you hadn’t heard, Mane Beauty Boutique celebrated it’s Grand Opening two weeks ago in Sierra Vista, AZ. We wanted to continue the celebration by hosting a FREE (and kid-friendly) event at the store, centered around issues that local ladies are facing when caring for their naturally textured hair.

Mo is a big fan of protective styling, and frequently uses extensions and wigs to give her hair a break. On Friday September 5 we will host the first in a series of events titled “Style your Fro with Mo”. This event will have a workshop-mixer vibe, with Mo doing a curly wig customization and the Mane Beauty Boutique owner Lea providing assistance with product selection and answering questions about building a regimen.


One lucky winner will receive a free curly wig from Mane Beauty Boutique! All you have to do is enter below!


Click to Enter!!

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Inclusive Fashion Coming Soon!! Stories by Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne just wants the fashion industry to be fair.

On September 25 the Fashion Police co-host will launch her new clothing line, Stories by Kelly Osbourne, on HSN.


 I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad.

In a recent Glamour magazine interview, Kelly says she wants to “make women feel beautiful. We cut three patterns, and if the design doesn’t look good in all three it does not go through.”

The upcoming line, which include 13 looks, will range from sizes 0 to 24 with prices ranging from $55 to $170. The line will be manufactured by Jupi Corp, the same Australian-based company that guided the Kardashian collection from QVC to Sears.

While a more inclusive fashion option is indeed exciting news, the fact that the collection will only be available on HSN means that there’s no try before you buy option….but then again, we discerning fahionistas can spot a worthy purchase from a mile away 🙂


Check out the sketches:




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Closet Clean-up Tips

Pretty soon the warm weather that has hosted our BBQs and sun kissed our skin will be a memory (*tears*). The time will soon be upon us to re-organize closets and plan seasonal shopping excursions.

Before you become frustrated from your list of closet cleanup tasks, we’re sharing out top tips to make your overhaul a breeze.

Store seasonal items

Why crowd your space with pieces you’re not wearing?? Use storage bags, boxes or  suitcases to put your out of season  items away.

Ease into the new season

Don’t rush to pull out every winter coat at the first sign of a cool breeze, take your time a gradually re-introduce items as the weather progressively changes.

Pick an order and stick to it

You can better see what you have when your closet is arranged in order according to color, length, style or whatever suits your fancy. Grouping your pieces together based on similarities lets you see exactly what you have so you know what you need to buy.

Say good riddance to unworn items

If you haven’t worn it in a year or more, chances are you won’t be wearing it. On sites like Poshmark, Threadflip and a slew of online consignments shops allow you to sell your stuff and make a few bucks.


Fear not, your seasonal closet clean up is going to be a breeze to accomplish 🙂

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Affordable Fall Fashions for You to Try

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over; it’s a sad feeling for most of us seeing that pretty soon there will be no more warm weather to wear that gorgeous bikini, unless of course you are one of those people who live in warm temperatures year round (lucky you by the way).


Nevertheless, it is time to start preparing your closet for the fall season, which can be a lot of fun to do. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t given your fall wardrobe any thought until now (we do have a few more warm days ahead…).  We’re here to share some amazing fall styles that will keep you on trend and won’t break the bank.




Torrid‘s Lace Illusion Henley top is an awesome example of a fall piece, that with some creative layering can transition into colder months. At $34.50 it’s  definitely an affordable piece to add to your closet. You can pair with  jeans (as shown),  a cute skirt or leggings.



Printed Leggings

Speaking of leggings, swap out your florals for cotton, without sacrificing the print effect. Charlotte Russe  is another great place to get exceptional pieces for the fall, in a variety of colors to suit your fashion fancy.





Staying with bottoms, these joggers are not the “swishy pants” of the 90’s, nor are they the traditional “lounge around” pants. The joggers of today are effortless and chic and go great with pumps. Snag the Forever 21 faux leather trimmed joggers for less than $25.





You can wear your jumpsuit to the office with the menswear-inspired one piece from NY and Co. The pinstripe detail and bowtie get a feminine upgrade that easily goes from day to night.


Not one of these pieces cost more than $80 so you can upgrade your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank, and if you’re not into exotic prints and don’t consider yourself a fashion risk-taker these pieces will easily mesh with your level of chic.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Let us know on our Facebook page!



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New to the Naturally Textured World? Here Are Your Ten Curly Commandments

Welcome to the CurlyWorld!! We’re glad to have you! To help ease your transition we’ve compiled your Ten Curly Commandments, these tips will go a long way to make this journey less stressful and more fun..ner.

Thou shall be patient with thyself and thy hair.

Thou shall condition.

Thou shall moisturize….daily.

Thou shall not covet thy curlfriend’s hair texture.

Thou shall not take the decision to return to naturally textured hair lightly.

Thou shall educate thyself about thy own hair.

Thou shall not judge curly sisters and brothers for their hair decisions.

Thou shall remember that thy hair is a blessing and should be treated as such.

Thou shall embrace the journey of self-discovery that begins with hair and leads to SO much more.

Thou shall find the joy in every single moment.

Remember these commandments, keep them handy :-). Oh, and share with a friend!

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“Almost” End of Summer Hair & Skin Care Tips

We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is almost over :-(. The Fourth of July has passed, the kids are going back to school, and some stores are already putting out Christmas decorations(we’re not ready Hobby Lobby!)

Just because the weather will be changing it doesn’t mean you have to start skipping those indulgences that have kept your hair and skin looking fabulous so far. Check out these tips to stay fabulous for those last few beach trips, BBQs and other summer festivities.


Lighter Moisture

While your heavy butters and creams are excellent for providing moisture for the hair and skin during the harsh winter months, continued use during the warm weather could potentially clog pores and lead to a host of other issues. Switching to lighter oils like grapeseed, jojoba, or coconut and aloe butter instead of cocoa butter will provide the needed moisture without causing buildup or breakouts.

Disclaimer: Our kinky and coily-haired readers usually have tremendous success with using butters as a moisturizer/sealant and styler. If it works for you and your hair, don’t fix what ain’t broke!


This too, kinda goes without saying, but with your weekends full of summer fun activities, it’s important not to forget to drink water.  If you’re dehydrated, it shows in your skin and hair, so make sure you’re drinking enough to flush out toxins and keep your body looking and feeling great.

Practice Sun Safety

Excessive sun damage no only causes wrinkles that make you look older, but cancer has been linked to sun exposure, so use sunscreen! After you’ve protected your skin, avoid fried tresses by covering your hair as well.  If you choose to, you can use products that are specifically formulated to protect hair from the sun, you can use your everyday leave-in conditioner, or a wide-brimmed hat will do just fine.


With the oils and sunscreen you’ll be using to protect and moisturize, you’ll need to exfoliate more often to make sure you’re encouraging skin cell turnover.  Skin that is less dry can tolerate more frequent exfoliation, but be gentle.


By moisturizing, hydrating, protecting and exfoliating regularly, you’ll be sure to keep your hair and skin glowing for the rest of these summer days.

Do you have any almost end of summer tips to share? Leave a comment of hit us up on Facebook ,  and remember to Be Exclusively Inclusive!