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Seven Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks

It’s the¬†ointment of the gods….well, not really but it’s definitely a multipurpose product ūüôā

Petroleum jelly is arguably one of the most¬†versatile products around. Literally from head to toe, this wonderful gem needs to be in every vanity, because it’s just that awesome.


1.Hand and Foot Softener РApply a generous amount to hands and feet before bed, put on white gloves and cotton socks and reveal softer skin in the morning

2. Perfume Extender РRub a small amount of petroleum jelly wherever you apply perfume to make the scent last longer.

3. Nail Polish Saver РApply to the rim of your nail polish bottles to prevent the top from getting stuck (which really sucks when no other color will do…)

4. Perfect Mani – Apply to cuticles before polishing your nails to achieve the perfect non-messy manicure, especially when using your non-dominant hand

5. Brow Tamer –¬†All out of brow gel? Tame unruly hairs with a dab and your brow brush

6. Crow’s Feet Fighter- Dab (just a little will do!) around the eyes before bed fights crow’s feet and wrinkles

7. Lash Definer – Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like putting on makeup? Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes with a cotton swab to give them a shiny, thicker appearance….no mascara required.

What are you waiting for? Go get your tub of petroleum jelly!!!!!


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Natural Hair Basics | Oil Rinsing Method

Welcome to our first installation of “Natural Hair Basics”, a blog series that will help a new naturalista, transitioner, or anybody that wants to get back to the basics of caring for their natural hair.

One of the number one challenges when building¬†a healthy hair regimen is maintaining moisture.¬†You’ve probably tried creams, potions, serums, mists and¬†sprays….have you tried oils??

Natural hair and oil go together like PB and J, one without the other just isn’t quite right. Oils seal in moisture, provide slip and reduce knots and tangles and provide a protective coating to hair strands. When you¬†include oil in¬†your cleansing regimen you set yourself up for Hair Care Success.


So, let’s talk about the oil rinsing method:

The oil rinsing method is¬†pretty much what it sounds like, rinsing your hair with oil. After you shampoo and condition, coat your hair with oil (it’s best to include¬†at least one of the¬†penetrating oils so your hair strands get nourished inside and out). Cover with a plastic cap for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Note: The cool water forces your hair cuticles to close, locking in all of the benefits from the oil.

Oil rinsing helps your hair in several ways, including moisture retention (SCORE!), reduces frizz, adds a natural shine to the hair and makes detangling less of a catastrophe.

This method is perfect year round and can be done every time you shampoo. Try it! You’ll like it!


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Eight Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014



2014PopularPosts_EightThe end of another year is upon us, and just like you, we take time to reflect on the past twelve months, including your responses to our blog posts.


As we plan for a more impactful 2015 we want to continue to provide more resources to help you look, feel and live better.





Here are the eight (not ten!) most popular blog posts of 2014:

1. Want to Install your Extensions in Minutes? (7/5/14)

2. Protective Style Files Vol. 7: Marley Crochet Braids (6/3/14)

3. Deep Conditioning vs. Steam Conditioning: What’s the Difference? (5/1/14)

4. The ‚Äė Hair-y‚Äô Situation Surrounding Army Regulation Changes¬†(3/25/14)

5. Sierra Vista‚Äôs ‚Äô‚ÄĚWars‚Ä̬†(3/14/14)

6. Chelating vs. Clarifying: What’s the Difference? (5/13/14)

7. CWK Straight Plates- Production Halted (10/27/14)

8. Hookie Do hangout: Mo Interviews Hookie Do Inventor (7/15/14)


2014 has been an amazing year! We can’t wait to see what more we can do next year!!!

Be Exclusively Inclusive!! (and Happy New Year!!!)



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Moisture or Protein : Learn What Your Hair Needs

The key to building a healthy natural hair regimen is to first determine the needs of your hair. Healthy hair has a balance of protein and moisture, the elasticity and strength are essential for styling and handling hair without breakage.


Find out what your hair needs (moisture, protein or both) in order to build a healthy regimen. Click To Tweet


Wet about 5-10 strands of shed hair with water.

Stretch carefully and gently to evaluate elasticity.

Hair that stretches 20-30% and reverts to its original state is balanced.

Hair that stretches and does not revert to its original state is protein deficient.

Hair that doesn’t stretch or breaks is moisture deficient.

Hair that stretches a LOT and breaks is both protein and moisture deficient.


This quick test helps you “hear “what your hair is telling you. If you’re willing to listen you’ll know exactly what you need to do for your healthiest hair.

To Your Beauty,


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Open Letter to a Southern Arizona Naturalista

Dear Curlfriend,

Southern Arizona Natural HairBeing a southern Arizona naturalista is challenging. The dry, arid climate coupled with hard water and ¬†(until recently) a non-existent local resource base, (don’t even get me started on the the fact that it seems like national brands don’t know we exist‚Ķ.). Primpin’ ain’t easy in the desert‚Ķ.

From the moment I arrived in Sierra Vista I wanted to change that (everything except the weather, of course‚Ķ). I’ve never been the kind of person to enter a situation/environment and not try to make it better.

2014 has been an AMAZING ride for The Confetti Collective and I’m truly grateful for every single reader, viewer, shopper and event guest. This platform could not be what it has grown to be without you. Thank you.

But, as my nature I want to do more in 2015. I want to make things better for all of us in Tucson, Sierra Vista and areas in between. I have a few plans of my own, but I want to hear from you. One of the things I’ve learned this year is that we have power, and when we can come together to display that power people take notice. Not only have we seen an increase in local support for our objectives, but national brands are paying attention as well. Let’s continue to let them know we’re here.

In addition to the online community we’ve created on the blog and our Youtube channel, a new (closed) Facebook group has been created just for southern Arizona naturalists to share, discuss and even rant about our journey to figuring out “this hair”. I’m in there every day and I want to hear from you; I invite you to join us.

I believe we are on the cusp of something wonderful in our area, get on this ride us!

Here’s to an even more awesome new year, XO!!



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Tips for Creating your Vision Board

A vision board is also known as a dream board, creativity collage or goal map.

Whatever the name, it is a collection of images that evoke something — a feeling or a yearning.¬† It is designed to provide clarity to your¬†objectives and keep your attention on your goal-driven¬†intentions regularly.

Rather than making statement goals like, ‚ÄúI want to live better‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúI want to get healthy‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúI want a dog‚ÄĚ, the vision board helps you to drill down to those core desires, and have a visual representation of what those goals actually look like.

Ever heard the phrase, ‚ÄúAs a man thinketh, so is he‚ÄĚ? Well, your vision board is the boost you need to direct your thoughts toward those goals that you want to achieve.

Here are a few tips for creating your vision board:

VB2Get clear. Before the first magazine page is ripped, take a moment to execute a mind dump and allow yourself to get clear about what you want for your life and what is currently preventing you from succeeding.

Make note of your reaction. As you search for images that relate to your vision, pay attention to your subconscious responses to what you see. Collect every picture that gets you excited or makes you nervous.

Embrace your uniqueness. ¬†Your vision board doesn’t need to look like your neighbor; your vision is unique to you. Arrange your images, drawings, accessories in any what you like according to your goals.

Don’t hide your vision. Place your vision board in an area that you visit daily to help keep those goals in that prime front of the mind conscious headspace that holds your routine errands and tasks‚Ķyou know, those things that you couldn‚Äôt forget if you tried ūüėČ

Expect change. You have just created a living document that represents your vision; expect and anticipate that it will change. Update your board as you achieve your goals…. and just keep swimming :-).


Join us for our 2nd Annual Vision Board Brunch on January 10 to make 2015 your best year; you deserve it!!


Be Exclusively Inclusive!!!

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Shedding vs. Breakage: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy hair care regimen, hair loss is a MAJOR hurdle. The idea of seeing enough hair in your detangling brush/comb to (in the words of one of our Collective members) “make a small rodent” is enough to send any naturalista into a tailspin. Hair loss can be tied to shedding or breakage, and determining what you’re dealing with is vital to doing your part to handle it.

Read below to learn the difference between shedding and breakage, and what you can do about it: Examining Hair

What’s Shedding?

You probably don’t want¬†to hear this, but everybody’s hair sheds. There are 3 phases of hair growth: growing (anagen), resting(catagen) and shedding (telogen). There is also a dormant phase where hair follicles take a little vacay before¬†the growing phase begins again (Source). You know you’re experiencing shedding when you see the white hair bulb at the tip of the strands.

What Can I Do About it?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot. There’s nothing we can do to prevent our hair from entering the shedding phase (pregnancy extends the growing phase, but once the kid is born it’s Shed City…). Avoiding excessive styling, styles that are extremely tight and excessive heat can help by NOT increasing the amount of shedding you will experience, and incorporating herbal rinses into your regimen can reduce shedding as well.

What’s Breakage?

Breakage is just that Рthe breaking of the hair strands. Breakage can happen anywhere along the hair strand, and can be caused by excessive pulling/tugging, wearing styles that are too tight, excessive heat and lack of moisture. Ends that are split can also lead to breakage When it comes to naturally textured hair, every bend and twist along the hair strand is a potential point of breakage. For transitioners, the line of demarcation(where the natural hair and chemically treated hair meet), is a breakage point as well.

What Can I Do About it?

Let’s see, drink more water, condition regularly, trim raggedy ends,¬†extend time between styling, avoid too-tight styles and excessive heat, use products that give you a substantial amount of slip and handle your hair with care. ¬† The journey of learning your hair begins with recognizing when something is “off”. You can do¬†a lot to help minimize the amount of hair you lose with a few simple tweaks to your regimen; just be patient and remember why you started ¬†this journey in the first place.

Also keep in mind that certain illnesses/medication can cause hair loss, be sure to consult with your doctor to¬†discuss your medical situation. Every relationship is going¬†to go through bumps along the way, and when it comes to you hair, it’s an adventure that’s definitely worth it.

Have you experienced shedding/breakage recently? What changes did you make to improve the health of your hair?

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2nd Annual Vision Board Brunch

“Write the vision, and make it plain….”

It’s practically impossible to achieve a goal without making it plain for you to see, comprehend and digest.

A vision board is a simple, yet powerful visualization and mind-mapping tool that helps you gain clarity about your desires and direct your intentions toward your goals.

Our 2nd Annual Vision Board¬†Brunch¬†will take place on January 10, 2015 at the Garden Place Suites¬†in Sierra Vista, AZ.¬†In addition to a Continental brunch we provide all of the materials you’ll need (poster board, glue, scissors and magazines….feel free to bring your faves).

Join us to create your vision board that represents all that you want to achieve in 2015, click the image below to purchase your ticket today!


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Why Your Daughter Needs to Know that She’s Beautiful

Hey yall it’s Mo…..this is going to be a longer-than-usual, coming-out-of-left-field post….

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen references/videos/photos of my 8-yr old daughter, AKA Punkin. She is my only kid, a mini-version of me and the joy of my heart.¬†The moment I started losing weight during my first trimester I knew I was having a girl (only a little me would give me that much grief…).

Being mommy to a girl is challenging; there is a delicate balance of teaching her to be strong in her own identity, and¬†be confident in her abilities.¬†¬†I want her to know that she’s¬† smart, funny, a good person and that she is loved for the¬†human being¬†she is, and anyone that doesn’t accept that can kick rocks.

At the same time, I also want her to know that she’s beautiful/pretty/cute/(whatever little girl appropriate adjective to favorably¬†describe physical appearance).


I know what you’re thinking: “Mo, you talk about girl power and doing anything you can set your mind to, you’ve been a boxer, a soldier, you’re a self-proclaimed nerd and you preach about embracing our unique selves! You’re not practicing what you preach!”



The reality is that we live in a world where physical appearance matters (it sucks, doesn’t it?). So to raise my daughter in an environment where there is no mention of her looks (or teach her that they don’t matter at all) is unrealistic.¬†It begs the question of whether¬†the¬†women of today that struggle with trying to meet society’s standards of beauty, and hurting themselves emotionally, mentally, physically in the process learned to embrace all that makes them uniquely beautiful as little girls.

Why Your Daughter Needs to Know that She’s Beautiful

I don’t want her to fall for the first¬†knucklehead that tells her she’s pretty and do whatever it is that he’s trying to¬†convince her to do. Instead ¬†I want her response to be, “My mommy and Daddy have already told me that, what else do you have to offer, besides some tired, dry line?” (okay, the second part sounds like me, LOL)

Like it or not, what we believe about our physical appearance affects how we feel about ourselves. It is only when she loves herself as a whole that she’ll be confident enough to be the smart/funny/good person that she is. Accepting the beauty she’s been blessed with comes with the territory.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not raising a self-absorbed, arrogant, narcissist. However, if she wants to paint her nails, put on some lip gloss and a cute dress I’m cool with that. As long as she knows that multiplication, science and reading comprehension require an equal amount(more) of her attention.

The BYOB message is my response to the unattainable-for-the average-person standards of beauty. It hurts me to read stories of women dying from butt injections and other attempts to look like somebody else. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Are you raising daughters? How are you shaping them to be on #TeamBYOB in our beauty-obsessed world?



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Layer Like a Fashion Pro

When it comes to dressing for cooler weather, layering is key. You find yourself bulking up to go outside and sweating your tail parts off inside when the heater is blowing at full blast. Layering, or “fashion stacking”, ¬†your clothes effectively allows you to be fashionable inside and out, no sweat required.

Need a little inspiration? Check out these looks from our Polyvore board to layer like a fashion pro:



Fall Denim Shirtdress

 A shirtdress can transition to cooler weather with opaque tights, boots and a cardigan.

Fall Layering - Camel


Pair your short sleeve jacket with a long sleeve top and scarf for  casual chic style.
Sporty Style


Fancy yourself a sporty fashionista? Dress up your sneakers with an oxford top and sequin sweatshirt. Add a parka for the extra chilly days.
Just because temps are dropping it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. By stacking your pieces you can remove or add layers as needed throughout the day. Here’s to a fashionable fall/winter season!
Be Exclusively Inclusive!