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Natural Hair || Mane by Malcrissa

We’re always on the lookout for professionals in the natural hair, beauty and fashion industries to let you know about. Imagine the excitement when we connected with a Sierra Vista hair stylist on Instagram and reached out to feature her!


Malcrissa C. is new to southern Arizona, and she has been making a splash in the local hair care market. Read on to learn more!


1. Are you natural? If so, how long has it been? Did you do a big chop or transition?

No, I am no longer natural, however, when I was I did do the big chop, I’m a black or white person, I don’t like the gray area, so basically I wanted to be totally natural from scalp to ends, no half and half!

2. How long have you been a hair stylist?

I have been in the industry for a little over 12 years

3. What percentage of your clients have textured/natural hair?

Since moving to Arizona, I would say more than fifty percent of my clients have been natural.

4. Do you have a specialty? What is it?

According to the Word “I CAN DO ALL THINGS (styles) THROUGH CHRIST” lol but seriously I am blessed to do a variety of style from blow outs, braids & twist and weaves!!

5. What’s your hair philosophy?

Wow!! This took a moment, because I have so many!! Primarily, to embrace what God has given you (don’t become your hair nor let it define you) But know that you have options to temporarily fix your appearance, but the true confidence starts in a place that a mirror can’t see, so let your hair become and compliment you!

6. What are your favorite products to use on client’s hair?

Shampoo & Conditioner : Kera Care Products,  Leave in: ITS A 10, Chi Oil
Styling: Design Essentials, Nairobi, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Edge Control

7. If you could change anything about local the hair care industry what would it be?

I am new to Sierra Vista, so I’m still learning the demands of the clients.

8. What advice would you give to someone looking for a stylist to care for their textured/natural hair?

Look at my profile (to see firsthand how I take care of my clients’ hair needs)

9. How can our readers contact you for services?

Via phone 520-606-5301, via social media Instagram/FB: @Manebymalcrissa


Welcome to Arizona, Malcrissa! We wish you nothing but hair styling success!!

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Guest Post: Polish & Lather Itchy Scalp Herbal Tea Blend

We’ve got friends all over the place, and fortunately they are amazing and VERY knowledgeable in their respective areas. Angelina is the woman behind Polish & Lather, a Philadelphia-based company that provides handcrafted, artisan bath and body products.

Angelina is also a proponent of DIY products, and in this guest blog post she provides an awesome  tea blend recipe to help with itchy scalp.

Keep reading……


Now that it is winter here in Philadelphia dry skin can extend up to my scalp making it a bit itchy and a little annoying. I typically use very few products on my hair and try to avoid anything that will give me a ton of build-up that I will have to remove later. So, I developed this really simple itchy scalp tea a few years ago as a super simple way to eliminate this little winter itch.



Each ingredient was selected for its skin soothing properties and the ability to help relive that awful winter scalp itch.

Lets talk about a few of the ingredients…



  • Calendula helps sooth and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are attributed to the triterpenoids it contains. “Ins studies, Calendula was suggested to stimulate granulation and increase glycoproteins and collagen.”
  • Oat Straw has soothing and antipruritic qualities.
  • Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm Bark contains a substance called mucilage. When boiled in water these herbs produce a mucus like substance that acts as a soothing emollient to the skin helping in the relief of dry and mildly inflamed skin.
  • Witch Hazel “contains considerable amounts of tannin, making it a useful astringent.” When used topically it can soothe inflammation of this skin and help relieve irritation.


I used my tea infuser as a measuring tool.

2 scoops of Calendula Flower

1/2 scoop Hibiscus Flower

1 scoop Stinging Nettle

1 scoop Oat Straw

1/2 scoop Rosemary Leaves

1/2 scoop Elderflower

1 scoop Slippery Elm Bark

1 scoop Marshmallow Root

1 scoop of Sage Leaves

1 scoop of Witch Hazel Bark

1 cup of water

1 cup of Aloe Water


Steep herbs in 1 cups of boiled water for 30 minutes. let the tea cool, strain, add aloe water, stir and pour into a spray bottle. Now, since this is made with water and does not contain a preservative; keep it refrigerated and finish within a week.

If you need a little extra help you can mix a little jojoba oil, which very closely mimics the scalps natural sebum, with a few drops each of rosemary and tea tree essential oils.

You can use this mixture directly on the scalp or add to your spray bottle. Just remember to shake really well before each use to ensure the oils isn’t just floating on top.

Stay beautifully polished.



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Fashion Friday || TCC Annex Shop

Happy Fashion Friday! Today is arguably one of the most exciting Fashion Fridays to date because we’re announcing the opening of our online annex shop!

In addition to our #BYOB Collection and other apparel that we offer in our online store, we’re expanding to an annex shop that will carry all types of extra awesomeness!

The feedback from our current items has been amazing and we want to do more for you by bringing what you want to the market faster. The TCC Annex Shop will allow us to do just that.

Featuring new designs that represent a variety of industries and communities, including natural hair, spirituality, and causes that are close to our hearts (with more on the way!), we’re excited for this opportunity to serve you better.

Click one of the images below to go directly to the annex!


Confetti Afro

Outshine the Shade

Lupus Awareness

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Natural Hair | Loving Your Curls Today

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere you know that #CurlPower is in full effect here. This platform began with a girl and her curls, and we take advantage of every opportunity to showcase/highlight/feature natural hair in all of its fabulous glory, to include when it’s a part of a national campaign on a national morning show….

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What do you tell your curly cuties about their hair??



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Beat Winter Dryness – DIY Oil Blend Recipe

Winter is here! Are you drinking water?? (tell the truth…)

Hot, caffeinated beverages are probably your drink of choice right now, but you could be adding to your dry hair and skin woes every time you order a mocha-frappe-latte-ccino over good ol’ H2O. To cover our not-so-good food and drink choices we often rely on products to help us look our best.



Skip the creams and potions from your neighborhood drug store and make your own multipurpose oil blend that moisturizes dry winter-weary skin and restores moisture to parched strands. Beat winter dryness with this DIY oil blend recipe:


Coconut oil (one of the penetrating oils, moisturizes from inside out)

Apricot or sweet almond oil (non-irritating/absorbs quickly and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory, respectively) Nut allergies? Skip the almond oil…

Castor oil (promotes healthy tissue growth/nourishes skin/conditions hair)

**Since castor oil is the thickest of the three, a general rule of thumb is to use equal parts coconut and apricot or sweet almond oil and cut that amount in half for the castor oil. Store in a cool, dark place when not in use

For the body:  Apply using a spray bottle after your bath or shower (if possible, don’t dry off beforehand). The oils will seal the moisture into your skin and you won’t need to reach for lotion before going to bed/getting dressed.

For the hair:  Apply after shampoo and conditioning as an oil rinse, use as a prepoo or apply after you refresh/mist your hair.

Who do you know that needs to create their own oil blend? Be a friend and share this post, they’ll be glad you did 🙂


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Beat the Winter Beauty Woes with These Tips

Warm weather has come and gone. These days we’re bundled up, covered from head to toe and spend our days running to the next warm spot. We’re here to tell you that even though getting that sun-kissed skin might be more of a challenge, you CAN still achieve your best natural beauty look, if you make a few tweaks to your regimen.

Beat the winter beauty woes with these tips:

Get a humidifier. Winter weather is DRY, and if you live in a naturally dry climate (Arizona, anyone?) you get a double whammy, add the heated indoor air and you’ve created the perfect environment for healthy skin and hair.  Adding moisture to the air helps alleviate dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, relieves congestion and a host of other winter woes.

Switch to warm water. Who doesn’t love a nice hot shower? Well, during the cold winter months hot water dries your skin quickly. Opt for warm water and apply body cream, oil or some type of moisturizer while your skin is still wet.

Exfoliate. Sloughing off dead, dry skin regularly promotes cell turnover and reveals brighter, more youthful skin.

Swap out gel for cream cleanser. It’s easy to forget that as the weather changes we may need to change our beauty products as well. Cream-based cleansers are going to have moisture-boosting benefits while cleansing as opposed to gel cleansers that often contain alcohol.

Mask your hair. Cold weather brings out heavy coats, scarves and hats. To minimize the effects of moisture-wicking fabric on you hair, consider incorporating a moisturizing hair mask using inexpensive, natural products like avocados to provide a healthy boost of moisture and sheen.

Just because the weather outside is frightful, your beauty regimen doesn’t have to suffer. With these tips you can definitely Be Your Own Beautiful 🙂


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Natural Hair Basics| Protective Styling

To commemorate the kickoff of the 6-Month Protective Style Journey we’re going over protective styling in this installment of “Natural Hair Basics”.

A Protective Style is any hairstyle that keeps your hair (especially your ends which are the oldest part of your hair) safely tucked away or protected from outside elements (extreme temps, wind, UV rays, etc.) which can wear down the hair to the point of breakage.



It’s easy to think that natural/highly textured hair doesn’t grow, but what’s actually happening is breakage at the same rate (or faster) than the hair growth rate, so length isn’t being retained. A protective style is on that is low/no manipulation, reducing the chances of breakage from styling.


The absolute-most-vitally-important aspect to a protective style is NOT neglecting your hair underneath. To slack off on your hair care regimen defeats the purpose of the protective style!

The Natural Hair Basics of Protective Styling can be summed up in four words:

  • Cleansing – healthy hair grows from a clean scalp
  • Moisture – properly moisturized hair is less prone to breakage
  • Maintenance – help your style to last longer with proper maintenance
  • Takedown – take care not to rip, snag to cut your own hair while taking your protective style out
  • BONUS TIP: If your style of choice involves braiding your hair (with or without extensions), ensure that your braids aren’t too tight, which could permanently damage your hair follicles
  • BONUS TIP:  You may not be able to use your same products while wearing a protective style. For example, butters don’t fare well with braids, you may have to opt for oils instead.


Protective styles are a great way to retain length and promote healthier hair if properly maintained. If you’re looking for more exclusive tips from Mo about her protective styling regimen, join the 6-Month Protective Style Journey! No strict rules, no obstacle courses, promise…..

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Five Ways to Feel More Beautiful Today

Contrary to popular belief (or what society tells us), beauty is an inside job. The idea of looking great at any age doesn’t begin with makeup, a trip to the hair salon or looking in a mirror.


beautifulHere are five ways to feel more beautiful today:


Focus on your fabulous. Instead of focusing the things that you don’t like about yourself, shine the light on your fabulous parts.

Smile. Not only does smiling help you present a more positive image, has a calming effect and helps you feel happier, a smile uses less muscles in your face than a frown, making it the BEST facelift you can have 🙂

Go 2.0. At the time of this post, many people are making resolutions, creating vision boards and thinking about how they want to be better this year. Frankly speaking, a reinvention is the perfect remedy to boost your confidence and help you take control of who you are, so you can emerge as “You, 2.0” – more amazing and beautiful.

Don’t Compete. Comparison is the thief of joy; when you’re so busy paying attention to what others have, you forget what makes you awesomely beautiful. You are in competition with no one but yourself, challenge yourself to be a better person today than you were yesterday.

Be the Standard. Instead  of trying to “fix” yourself to conform to unrealistic beauty standards; you set the standard. Embrace and love you for who you are, and be a role model for the next generation.

The standard of beauty is you. Click To Tweet

Be Your Own Beautiful!!!




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What Nobody Wants You to Know about Marley Crochet Braids

Everybody and their curlfriend is on the crochet braids bandwagon. It’s amazing how a little ingenuity like switching the kind of hair being used can transform a hairstyle that faded into near-oblivion many years ago into a trendy, so fabulous hairdo.

BUT, there are two sides to every ‘do…

Here’s what nobody wants you to know about marley crochet braids………

1. It’s easy to go overboard during your install – I know what it’s like: you’re are so amped to be finally getting this style and you want to make sure you have a nice, full ‘do so you start out covering every single inch of your cornrows with hair….and by the time you’re done you look like a sheep dog.

Here's what nobody wants you to know about marley crochet braids...... Click To Tweet

During my install I staggered the hair as I went across each row, and I left almost two fingers-width space in between in the back. Don’t worry, the hair on top will cover the spaces and you won’t have more hair than you want to deal with.

2. The hair gets bigger and bigger and bigger as the style gets older – piggybacking off #1, whatever method you used to style your marley hair (twists, rods, flexirods), as the hair gets older it will separate and fluff out. If you’re going for the Chaka Kahn look you’ll be in the game, but if you’re not on #TeamBigHair you might want to redip every few days.marley-crochet-braids-header


3. You can still lose your edges – Yes, marley crochet braids are a protective style. Yes, protective styles  “protect” your hair. Yes, they’re easy to maintain. Yes, you can still lose your edges. Wait, what??

If the cornrows underneath are too tight and cause an excessive amount of tension on your edges you risk traction alopecia, which can cause permanent scarring to hair follicles. Also the marley hair itself is coarse and constant rubbing against you edges could lead to breakage. (I massage my edges with oil daily to prevent this)

4. You may develop “Big Hair, Snag and Snare” syndrome – Since having this hair in I have to make wide turns in certain spaces, be extra  careful when loading/unloading the dishwasher, I’ve lost my earpiece several times during phone calls and a few earring backs are still missing. Marley hair is tangly. Be prepared for the natural tendencies to come out if you get too close to anything with a sharp edge, you might get yanked back by a strand or two.

So, now that you are armed with this information you can approach your next marley crochet install with a well-rounded idea of what you’re getting into. Curlfriends gotta look out for each other, ya know??

NOTE: I used leftover Cuban twist hair and Noir marley hair mixed together, about 4 packs total.

Is a marley crochet braid install in your future? Connect with me  on Twitter or IG and let me see the finished product!