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Planner and Participant: The Three S’s of a Successful Event

Alright, let’s take care of some business…..

With our founder Mo having a background in event planning and project management, it was a no-brainer that we host our own events as a way to connect with our audience and foster a sense of community.

That said, planning an event and planning an event where your organization is also a participant (i.e, as a vendor) are two completely different things. From day one it’s been our goal to create successful, impactful events that EVERYBODY wants to attend. We’ve hosted events on the road, have attracted people from thousands of miles away and have been featured on the front page of the local newspaper.

Everybody deserves to have a successful event, providing that you put in the work because this is definitely not a cakewalk.  Keep reading to find out the”Three S’s” that we use as benchmarks in our event planning.


Significant. How memorable/valuable will your event be for all parties that are participating? Will your guests walk away saying, “THAT WAS AWESOME”? Are you creating an atmosphere for your vendors to connect with attendees? What are your volunteers looking to get out of this? How will your speakers gain from their participation? You’re responsible for creating a significant and valuable experience for everybody involved.

Successful. What will your event look like when all of the moving parts come together? As the event producer/planner, you must operate from a perspective of not only the event as a whole being successful (i.e., you sell a lot of tickets or products), but consider what the other participants consider success and plan accordingly.

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Service-Oriented. Keep in mind that being in charge means that you’re the Servant-in-Chief. Your goal shouldn’t be to sell the most products you’ve ever sold in the history of ever, you’re responsible or making sure that everybody else is being served. That service could come in the form of personally greeting your guests, making sure your volunteers eat, supporting your vendors appropriately, making sure that your speakers get their time in front of the audience, etc.

In case you hadn’t picked up on the recurring theme here, as the producer/planner you’re responsible for EVERYTHING. For all intents and purposes your business is at the bottom of your priority list.

If you want to continue hosting events where vendors clamor to pay for a spot, tickets start selling the minute they’re available and speakers jump at the chance to present, you’ll have to put their needs before yours.

Otherwise nobody will come back…which makes for a rather “interesting” event.



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What to do About Thinning Hair

The day you realize that your hair is thinning is NEVER a good one. Men, women, even your pet, thinning hair just isn’t something we ever want to deal with. Fortunately, there’s usually a something you can do.

First, you have to know why your hair is thinning: is your hair breaking/shedding excessively or is it falling out at the root? Once you know the root cause (pun intended), you’ll know where to begin. Seeing your dermatologist or trichologist is definitely a good idea, and there are some steps you can take at home to make sure your hair care habits aren’t contributing to your thinning hair.


Change your hairstyle. If you’re a regular braids/bun/ponytail wearer, it may be time to give those styles a break because they could be putting undue tension on your hair follicles. Opt for looser updo styles that don’t pull at any parts of your hair and/or scalp.

Scalp massage. Massaging the scalp allows blood to flow to hair follicles, promoting growth. Adding lubricants like castor oil (known for its own growth stimulating properties) help nourish and strengthen the hair.

Leave the alcohol alone. Alcohol based products (styling gels, hair sprays) can damage hair by drying it out to the point of breakage. Use aloe vera gel and a satin scarf for slick edges and remember that hair that doesn’t move lacks personality…and you’re full of personality :-).

Do more than a water-only rinse. Black tea and herbs like rosemary are known for their hair strengthening remedies. Brew a your own hair tea and use as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning.

Wear wigs responsibly. Particularly if you’re seeing thinning in the areas of your edges and nape and you wear wigs regularly, be careful with the bands and combs in your wig net; the friction from rubbing on those areas can be a contributing factor.

See your doctor. If you’ve done all of these things and you haven’t noticed any changes, it’s time to visit your doctor. There may be an underlying medical condition like alopecia or thyroid imbalance. Certain medications like birth control could also cause thinning hair.

Knowing is half the battle, once you know the why behind your thinning hair, the how to treat it becomes easier for you.

Be a friend and share this with somebody that needs this information, let them know you care.


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Essential Oils: Lemon for Beauty and Balance

Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world. Used in cooking, cleaning and with its rich content of nutrients, most notably vitamin C,  lemon essential oil is great by itself or as an addition to your beauty and wellness regimen because of the skincare and lifestyle-balancing benefits.



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  • Refreshes and rejuvenates skin
  • Tones and tightens skin
  • Reduces oil production
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Fights free radicals to prevent premature skin aging


  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Revitalizes nails
  • Natural cleanser and disinfectant

Note: Lemon essential oil is photosensitive; avoid overexposure to the sun if applied directly to the skin.

Not sure where to shop for your essential oils? We’re fans of Young Living, a company that started on an organic herb farm in 1983 and has grown to be a leader in the wellness industry. You can become a member of this amazing company here.

Let’s face it, trying to stay on top of the newest trendiest products in the beauty and wellness industries can be exhausting! Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time, and still work….nice 🙂


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Four Ways to Stretch Your Style $$$

Let’s keep it real, can you afford to totally revamp your wardrobe every season? The occasional shopping binge is okay, but we simply don’t have the dough to engage in retail therapy every weekend.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you should suffer in a fashion rut. You can (and should) definitely be a savvy shopper, AND you should make sure that your hard-earned dollars aren’t wasted once you’ve added to your fashion stash.

SO, we’re here to help. Check out these four ways to stretch your style $$$:


  • Shop your closet. It’s easy to forget what you have in there! Resist the urge to wear your favorite black slacks with the same purple blouse you always wear; remember that cute skirt you bought on vacation 2 years ago? It just might work instead…….
  • Style swap. Instead of going shopping, host a style swap party with a few of your fashionable friends to score some new threads without spending a dime.
  • Thrift store/resale. Over the past few years it seems like everybody has re-discovered thrifting, hasn’t it? There’s a reason for that…style is eternal! You’d be surprised what you’ll find while perusing your local thrift store, and don’t be afraid to take a foundational piece, like a LBD or a trench coat, and make it your own!
  • Add accessories. Remember the tip above? You can totally change your look by adding different accessories, like wearing a scarf or necklace as a belt, using clip on earrings to glam up a pair of ballet flats OR changing the buttons OR adding studs to your new favorite sneakers.

The possibilities are literally endless, but you should get started with these four awesome tips to stretch your fashion bucks!


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Conversations with a Natural Hair Product Junkie

Hey y’all, it’s Mo!

I’ve got a secret: I’m a product junkie.

You’ve probably seen the photo below posted on our Instagram and on Pinterest, this is my actual, real-life closet….I don’t care if you judge me.














Well, my tendency to purchase natural hair products with no regard for what I already have is going to help YOU.


We recently published the first episode of Closet Conversations, a YouTube series where I’ll be “filming on location” from my closet, talking about the products I currently have. The first episode goes over my favorite leave-in conditioners for my Type 4 hair, check it out below:

As you can see, there are a LOT of products behind me so this series might last until the end of time..LOL.


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Everything You Need for Your Fashion Emergency Kit

Have you ever had a fashion emergency? It doesn’t have to be something as extreme as a Super Bowl incident, a button that falls off in the most conspicuous place and the worst possible time, that’s an emergency!

Aside from a mini sewing kit (how else are you going to fix your missing button?) and clear nail polish (your moms probably told you about that one) there are a few additional items you need to complete your fashion emergency kit:



  • Double sided tape – most fashionistas have this, it’s perfect to keep your clothes in place (think plunging necklines, backless, etc.), eliminate blouse gaps, keep accessories (belts, scarves) in place and eliminate the pesky peek bra strap.
  • Black & white safety pins – A safety pin is a safety pin, right? Well, if you’re rocking your favorite LBD and the hem comes undone, wouldn’t you rather have a black safety pin than a silver one?
  • Dry cleaning foam – you’re probably thinking, “for what??”. Well, this is what those deodorant stain remover pads are made of, but much cheaper! And you’ll officially be #winning if you have the ones with sticks on the end like these to get those hard-to-reach places!
  • Liquid bandages – invisible. flexible. protects like a second skin….you don’t have to buy those uncomfortable silicone bras that don’t stay in place, liquid bandages are perfect to eliminate “headlights” if you’re going braless (AKA cover your nipples).

So there you have it, your fashion emergency kit is complete…but do let us know if we missed anything. Just drop a comment below 🙂


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Five Beauty Products You Can Replace With Coconut Oil

We’re approaching that time of year when our coconut oil is slowly returning to its solid state, so if you’ve only been using this AH-MAZING product in your kitchen you don’t know the half, keep reading to find out which beauty products you can stop buying today and replace with coconut oil:


  • Makeup remover – we find that applying to a cotton pad works best because it’s able to fit easily into the corners around the eyes and nose.  Coconut oil is one of the penetrating oils so it doesn’t just sit on top of your skin, you literally get a get a conditioning/moisturizing session every time you use it! Don;t be surprised if your lashes start to appear fuller/thicker and lash loss is reduced.
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  • Body moisturizer – apply coconut oil to your damp skin after a bath or shower and don’t worry about dryness until the next bath or shower.
  • Lip moisturizer – if the glosses, lipsticks and balms you have aren’t doing enough to combat dry, flaky lips apply coconut oil after you exfoliate and whenever you want to boost your KI – Kissability Index.
  • Shaving cream – yep, even shaving cream. Coconut oil is water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about drippage during your shaving session. And the moisturizing properties are a convenient benefit for your skin that may be a bit irritated after shaving.
  • Hair conditioner – How many times have we written about the prepoo? Saturating your hair with coconut oil prior to shampooing is like a spa treatment for your tresses. You’re adding an extra layer of protection and nourishing your hair before the cleansing agents in your shampoo potentially strip it of its natural oils.

Coconut oil is a roundaway beauty and wellness product that you should consider adding to your all-around taking-care-of-yourself regimen.

Do you have another beauty product that you’ve replaced with coconut oil? Do tell!


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These Are a Few of Mo’s Favorite Things….

Hey y’all! It’s me, Mo! I hope this blog post finds you feeling beautiful, balanced and taking care of business naturally!

It’s hard to believe that this month marks the 2-year anniversary of The Confetti Collective! This journey has been amazing, I am truly grateful for every single one of you that read the posts, watch the videos, subscribe, follow, like, share and everything else. We wouldn’t be here without ya!

I get asked questions all the time about what I use to maintain my hair, hold on to my sanity and manage my household while getting things done for multiple businesses.


I’m finally ready to pull it all out there, I’m not only showing the exact products I use for this crazy life, but I’m showing you exactly where to purchase them for yourself for the best price!

Enter Mo’s Favorite Things, my curated Amazon store with the products in my kitchen cabinet, closet and under the bathroom sink to keep this super busy train going.

Go check it out and let me know what you think, and if you’re wondering about something in particular that I do, shoot me an email at!




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Organize Your Life in 5 Steps

Are you looking to get an early start on those resolutions for the New Year? The truth is, there’s no better time than now to “get your life” and be more organized personally and professionally.

Here’s how to do it:


Create the vision, make it plain. Give yourself a timeframe (6 months, 1 year, 5 years) and write down the goals you want to achieve during that time. Be realistic yet challenge yourself. Position those goals in a place where you’ll see them everyday to keep yourself accountable.

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Chunk it. Break those lofty, large-scale goals into smaller, bite-size, easier to digest chunks. It can be a bit disheartening to think about writing your memoirs, BUT if you give yourself a daily task of writing 500 words every day it won’t seem so unattainable.

Clean it up. Your workspace, that is. It’s nearly impossible to find inspiration when you’re surrounded by clutter, so set aside some time each week to tidy up. If you forgot you owned it or haven’t used it in a year you probably don’t need it.

Get it out of your head. If you’re one of those “always on” kind of people, falling asleep can be a little challenging with all of the ideas swirling around in your head. It’s a good idea to keep a notepad (or your phone) close by to capture those late night bursts of inspiration. Don’t think that you’ll remember it the next day! Life happens and paper is relatively inexpensive these days, use it…

Schedule it. If you don’t want to find yourself overwhelmed and buried under life again, make these steps a regular part of your routine to keep your momentum going. It takes 21 days of doing something before it becomes a habit, give yourself time to adjust your behavior and challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself, not just once, but on a regular basis.

These steps aren’t difficult to implement, all you need is the resolve to get it done…so let’s get it done!




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Four Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Retaining Moisture

Okay, fall is here and you’re freaking out because you haven’t figured out this moisture thing. You follow the LOC method, using all of the products you see other naturalistas raving about, and your hair is still a crunchy mess.


  1. You shampoo too often/too much. Shampoo is for cleaning the scalp, not the hair. Over shampooing (multiple times during one session or too many sessions) can lead to that “squeaky clean” feeling that isn’t good for natural hair. Curls, coils and kinks need natural scalp oils like fish need water. If you can’t skip a shampoo day, consider using a foam shampoo to focus on cleansing your scalp only.
  2. Your cleansers contain sulfates. Sulfates are a chief ingredient in surfactants, detergents that not only remove buildup and dirt from the hair and scalp, but also remove the natural sebum from the hair.
  3. You’re using the wrong products. Generally speaking, oils and butters aren’t moisturizers…with the exception of coconut and a few other penetrating oils, you’re actually sealing the hair, locking out any moisture in the environment. True moisturizing products contain WATER.
  4. You’re ignoring your ends. The ends of your hair are like the senior citizens….they’re older, fragile and you need to do whatever you can to keep them healthy and around for as long as you can because, well, they complete you :-).

It’s important to know that if your hair isn’t retaining moisture, the problem is NOT your hair, so don’t give up on your natural hair journey. Fortunately for you, you know people, and those people know stuff…