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SUPERwoman Chocolate Shake {VIDEO}

Even when I’m a mess I still put on a vest with an ‘S’ on my chest, oh yes, I’m a Superwoman.”

Doesn’t Alicia Keys just nail how we feel sometimes???

Let’s face it, there are some days we don’t really feel super. But as mothers, wives, significant others, business women, etc. we have to get up and put the uniform anyway… and sometimes we need an extra boost to help us feel like the superwomen we are.

Enter the SUPERwoman Chocolate Shake…it’s exactly what you need right now.

This is my favorite breakfast shake, considering chocolate is my favorite food group :-).

The key to maintaining a (relatively) healthy lifestyle is to find ways to incorporate  foods that you actually like, and this shake definitely qualifies.

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Moisturizing Low Porosity Hair

woman with blonde natural hair

Are you blessed with low porosity hair??

(if you’re not sure what your porosity is, read this blog post)

This past weekend we hosted our first natural hair event of the year, we brought back our ‘Let’s Talk About Texture” event and discussed winter hair care. Moisture is ALWAYS on the list of naturalista topics to discuss, so we kicked things off with the link between hair porosity and maintaining moisture.

woman with blonde natural hair

If you have low porosity hair and need help with building a healthy, moisturizing natural hair regimen, keep reading…..

Cleansing – low porosity hair has tightly packed cuticle layers so your hair may actually have buildup that needs to be removed. Clarifying or chelating may be what you need to give your hair a fresh, clean start. If you don’t want to spend $$ on another product, swap out your sulfate-free cleanser for a “regular” shampoo that contains sulfates.

Conditioning – specifically during your deep conditioning session, heat is a MUST if you have low porosity hair. Plastic cap wrapped with a warm towel, plastic cap under your hood dryer (indirect heat) or steamer (direct heat), the heat forces your hair’s cuticles to open so the nourishing effects of the conditioner can get in.

Lighter products – since we’ve already established that low porosity hair is prone to buildup, opt for lighter products/oils in your regimen, and avoid applying ANYTHING to dry hair because your cuticle is probably closed and everything will sit on the surface of your strands.

**BONUS TIP: you may also need to adjust your LOC method if you have low porosity hair. Once you’ve deep conditioned with heat (to force your cuticles open) and rinsed (probably closing your cuticles a little, locking in the water), if you start your LOC on soaking wet hair you could be setting yourself up for drenched hands, because your products weren’t able to penetrate.

Try drying your hair to the point of being damp then start your LOC, removing some of the water may allow your products to do their magic and not end up all over your pillow or car headrest…that’s no bueno.

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The New Year, Yearlong Blog Audit

There’s no time like the present to audit your blog.

If you watched our 2015 Year in Review video you saw that we (with your help) achieved a lot last year, and we have no intention of slowing down.


Below is a list of tasks we’re working on as a part of our New Year, yearlong blog audit:

  • Upgrade website server DONE
  • Scrub links
  • Analyze heat map results; make necessary improvements
  • Re-purpose timeless content
  • Adding regular blog contributors

These tasks are not going anywhere this year, we’ll continually check, make updates and improving.

*BONUS* In this #Sweet16 year we’re also working on providing more content and resources for aspiring bloggers and online retailers (you know, people like us). Mo taught her first live workshop on Jan. 25 at the Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce about the basics of blogging, have you visited her website???

Over the past 2.5 years we’ve learned a LOT, and it’s time to start sharing that knowledge. Stay tuned to find out what’s in store, and if there’s something specific that you need help with don’t be afraid to ask!

To Taking Care of your Business,


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Embracing Beauty, Naturally…in a Magazine

On a Periscope broadcast in early January, I encouraged our audience to claim 2016 as their “personal year of grace”. Grace is getting something that you didn’t deserve/didn’t work for/didn’t earn, it’s just a blessing.

So far this year The Confetti Collective has experienced a lot of grace…there’s so much going on behind the scenes, so many connections and opportunities are coming to light. The most recent graceful moment came in the form of a feature in Vitality Magazine, a quarterly local women’s publication.

I consider this opportunity to be SO much more than just another chance to talk about our BYOB shirts, but I was able to share the story of how we began and educate an audience outside of our target about the challenges I faced that sparked  this business, which hasn’t been shared publicly before.

I also got to speak to the entrepreneurial side of using the blog as a foundation for the business, and the message behind #BYOB.

Below is the feature shot from magazine, click to be taken to the newsstand to read the January 2016 issue (page 11 & 12).


This is only the beginning for  The Confetti Collective, I hope you stick around to see what’s next…better yet, get on this ride with us!

To Taking Care of Business,