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{VIDEO} Protective Style Remix: Reusing Havana Mambo Twists

Y’all know I’m all about saving my coins…..

The moment I purchased that Havana mambo twists and talked about my install  in this video, I knew I would be reusing this hair. After wearing them for about 10 weeks, I carefully removed them and stored them in my closet to be used later.

Later is here and I’ve reinstalled this same hair in what I like to call a protective style remix. After soaking the twists in a mixture of gentle shampoo, ACV and warm water to remove any reside from my previous install, I allowed the twists to dry completely and reinstalled them in my hair.

I did say the new style was a remix, right? Check out this video to see what I did to the hair to get a different look the second time around:


Hair extensions can be pretty expensive, and I don’t want you throwing your hard-earned money away. If it’s possible for you to reuse some hair, do it!

Your wallet will thank you ūüôā

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{VIDEO} Microblading: After the ‘After’ Photos

You’ve seen the microblading brow sculpting process here on our blog, and you have some doubts. Even though we’ve shown you what microblading does, how microblading¬†is done and we’ve told you how long microblading lasts….

you might still have questions.

You might be wondering what your brows will really look like after the procedure is done.

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How much does microblading cost?” Prices vary, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for…my¬†local brow whisperer, Acacia B. Brows, charges $250¬†$500.

What if the microblading doesn’t take?” Make sure your microblading fee includes a touch-up appointment so any light spots can be redone for no additional cost.

So, I’ve¬†documented my microblading healing and recovery process in a video…that you can watch…right now.

Check it out:


After many years of waxing and threading, my brows were uneven and thinner than I liked. After getting microblading they’re fuller, more even and I can get by without using brow powder….#winning.

Now, if you still have questions about microblading, post them below! You know I have the hookup with THE brow artist in Arizona, I’ll pass your questions along and get the answers you need.

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Let Your Natural Beauty Shine with Sheet Masks

Having¬†sensitive-oily-hyperpigmentation-prone skin, I’m always on the hunt for ¬†products that will help me have my best, healthiest skin possible.

Ever heard of sheet masks?

While living in Korea for over a year, I learned about sheet masks from the Asian girls in my apartment building. I spent many weekends wandering around the Seoul shopping districts, in and out of department store beauty counters, soaking up ALL of the beauty secrets.

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Imagine soaking your skin in all of the healing and beautifying elements that it needs, and all you have to do is open, unwrap and relax.

Sheet masks are what you need to let your natural beauty shine through!



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