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Fierce Fashion: Get to Know the Dashiki


Did you know that National Dashiki Day is October 30?

A dashiki is a loose, colorful tunic that originated in West Africa (some of our readers may have family members who rocked these back in the day…). Even though we’re seeing dashikis everywhere from the streets to the runways, this isn’t a “trend”, wearing a dashiki is an expression of culture and pride in one’s origin and it’s even worn as a form of protest.

Also referred to as an “African robe”, the dashiki of today is seen in all areas of fashion. The vibrant beauty of the colors and the breathable fabric make the dashiki a a fierce statement piece that’s perfect for a night out, or a chic casual option for spending the day with the homies.

To help me celebrate National Dashiki Day I received a dashiki top and bottom from Dashiki LA, and since I’m the Queen of multi purposing everything, I styled the two-piece outfit in two ways:


Neither of these pieces are heavy, they caught a nice breeze while covering and protecting my skin from the harsh Arizona sun. The colors in African clothing have a deeper meaning, check out a few that are represented in this outfit:
Blue:  represents love and peace, it symbolizes the sky, and is a harmonious color.
Green: represents prosperity and life and is also a medicinal color.
White: represents spirituality and purity

Are you ready to shop with Dashiki LA yet? Be sure to use the code ‘Confetti” to save 20% on your total purchase! I got a few jewelry pieces as well, I’m wearing a necklace in this pic that I posted on my personal brand IG account.

Note: the #BYOB cropped sweatshirt that I’m wearing was a custom color for me (#FoundHERPerks), you can see the entire #BeYourOwnBeautiful Collection here, and if you want a custom shirt, we can do that! Email me:

Tag me in your dashiki pics so I can see how you’re wearing it! I’m nosy like that…:-)

To your Beauty,


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The Best Oil Mix for Natural Hair Health (Moisturizing Blend)


When it comes to natural hair care, there are some issues that the right oil can fix. If you’re anything like me, you experiment with EVERYTHING. Any little change in your hair is a reason to try a new product or make a change to your natural hair care regimen.

When it comes to my oils I’m no different. I have two blends that I use all the time,  a moisturizing blend and a strengthening blend. Depending on my hair’s behavior I decide which mix is best to use. In the below video I show you how I make the moisturizing blend using fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, marula oil and baobab oil.

In case you’re wondering why I chose these particular oils:

  • coconut oil – penetrates hair cuticle, maintains protein levels in hair
  • avocado oil – easily absorbed, noncomedogenic, lubricates hair strands, vitamins A,B,D & E
  • marula oil – minimizes scalp inflammation, antioxidant, antimicrobial
  • baobab oil – antioxidant, lubricates hair strands, vitamins A and E

Check out the video below and let me know what you think:




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Skincare Sunday

by Cassandra Tucker

Years ago, I swore up and down to myself that when I turned 25 I would start to take my skincare regime super seriously. Well, in March of this year I reached that milestone (already?!), and I became increasingly paranoid about aging skin and protecting the smoothness that is associated with a youthful complexion. As a result I adopted skincare Sundays – one day a week I would dedicate to repairing and exfoliating my skin for the week ahead. What started as a serious plight to stay young forever became a great way for me to sample fun and cute products I wouldn’t have otherwise purchased, as well as set myself up for a week of success.

I have a super fun time experimenting with new masks and scrubs – and that doesn’t mean I spend a fortune. I live to prove that skincare doesn’t have to be expensive or mundane – I find cute and exciting products at my local department stores just browsing through the health and beauty aisles! Just a few days ago I came across this product in a health and beauty bin in Target, and I’m so excited to share my experience with all of you.


The Pretty Animalz sheet mask collection by LOOK Beauty is a line of sheet masks that make hydrating and exfoliating your face adorable – by giving you the look of a tiger or in this case – dare I say – adorable panda. The panda mask I used is a calming mask, intended to hydrate the skin as well as calm it with lavender. After ten minutes of wearing the mask my skin was feeling smooth and refreshed.

The catch is I only spent a few dollars on this mask, which proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to take care of your skin. I aim to enjoy affordable skin products, have a fun time with it, and take care of my skin to gain confidence in my daily life! I’m a strong believer in the fact that if you are feeling good about yourself, you will live well and good things will be drawn to you.

So hydrate that skin and go out and conquer the world like the boss that you are! You will not regret it.


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Small Changes to Improve Wellness

by Cassandra Tucker

I’ve always joked that if I wasn’t so passionate about writing, I would be an incredible interior designer. I don’t mean to brag, but my apartment is killing it with that cute, bohemian vibe, and I’m obsessed! I’ve realized that if I enjoy the space that I spend the most time and it brings me a sense of calmness and tranquility, it will increase my quality of life and thus I will produce better work. (This being a superb example.)

I always have friends telling me they love spending time at my home because it is a comforting place to be, so I decided to share with you some of the things that make it a comfortable and inviting space, so that you can increase your quality of life as well!


I have always found that plants – especially easy to care for succulents and cacti – add a lot of warmth and tranquility to a home, especially if you work from home or have an office space that you would like to add some flair to.

A simple set of string lights can add a touch of elegance and intimacy to any room. (Try the home and garden section of any department store – you are sure to find some gems!) Rethinking your space can send your life in a new direction!

Even a simple decluttering of your space will improve your daily life. I have come to realize keeping my home tidy keeps my mind clear. Declutter your space and as a result declutter your mind; become inspired! If you enjoy your living space you will be more likely to feel inspired in your daily life, whether it be work, family, or just enjoying some time to yourself.

Create a welcoming space, kick your feet back, and watch your mental and physical wellness blossom!



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{VIDEO} Update Your Fall Beauty Routine with KolourConscious

Triple-digit temps are gone, we’ve gotten used to school being back in session we’re seeing summer florals be swapped out for earth-toned hues that make us feel warm inside. Fall is officially here!!! We’ve already covered revamping your closet for cooler weather in this blog post, and now we’re covering your beauty routine.

Let’s face it – nobody has time to stay current on the latest beauty trends, wouldn’t it be nice to have the latest and greatest from up-and-coming brands delivered to your front door every month?

KolourConscious is a subscription box company that intends to enlighten each mind – one subscriber at a time – by awakening an awareness of businesses owned and operated by people of color. Hair products, skin care, beauty and lifestyle; new swag every month!

New products from new companies – you’ll be the first to know…and you don’t have to leave your house.

Check out this video to see what’s in the most recent KolourConscious box and find what  you need to update your fall beauty routine:


This box is perfect for college students on a budget, people that want to invest in businesses owned by people of color or as a gift for your BFF.

Sharing is caring – don’t keep this to yourself!


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Transition Summer Fashion into Fall

Fall is here! The slight chill in the air is enough to bring a spring in your step as you walk down the street. The excitement is real, but is it really time to bring out the scarves and coats?

The transition from summer to fall can be confusing and even downright irritating to some, especially when it comes to dressing up for a particular occasion. The struggle of finding an outfit that is cozy yet doesn’t cause you to sweat bullets underneath is painfully real.


But fear not! All is definitely not lost. Just because Mother Nature decided to drop the temperature a notch doesn’t mean that you have to pack all your summer dresses away. Nor does it require an expensive trip to the mall. With just a little effort, you can revamp your entire wardrobe with outfit innovations that will keep all your friends guessing.

Summer Dresses & Tights

Summer dresses are considered to be the hallmark of the summer season; however, they carry enough potential to be worn during the fall. In order to maintain comfort with style, though, it is best you pair your summer dress with a pair of opaque tights. This will protect you from the chill as well as create a whole new look!

Bring Back the Beach Bag

Who said beach bags only look good on the beach? Just like any summer attire, this accessory has the ability to add that necessary ‘pizzazz’ to any look. Just use it as an everyday bag along with your fall outfit to up the cool factor.

Save the Sandals

Fall season is the perfect time to stretch the use of certain summer fashion accessories simply because the temperature is ‘just right’ for you to do so. Those sandals that carried you through the sweatiest of days can still be in the spotlight for a little while longer. Not only will they keep you cool, but they will also provide a little balance to your fall outfit.

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Color Me Fall

Apart from the change in weather, the emergence of fall season’s signature colors including red, rust, orange and yellow are what make it so charming. All the more reason to integrate such hues into your wardrobe! The key is to have one element of your outfit stand out. It can either be a beautiful mustard-yellow lace-embossed skirt paired with a silk white blouse or a bright red jacket on top of a black ensemble. 

Leather it Up!

Fall is a good time to bring out leather accessories and attire for the simple reason that they become bearable enough to wear! A leather jacket over jeans can give you a sensational fall outfit with minimal effort while ankle booties can add class to any look. Pair these with earthy make-up tones (burgundy lip color, chocolate brown eye shadow and charcoal nail polish) and you are bound to make heads turn.

So there you have it! Your guide on the best way to transition from summer to fall fashion with minimal time and money spent. Time for you to slay this fall season!