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2017 Vision Board Brunch Recap

This weekend we hosted our 2017 Vision Board Brunch and it was AMAZING!!!!!

We’ve been hosting this event in southern Arizona for 3 years now, our last time creating this experience was actually in 2015 when we held one event in Sierra Vista, AZ and another in Tucson, AZ the following weekend.

We had a great group of women (and a few women-to-be) in the room where Mo talked about the power of a vision board when setting goals for yourself, and she also shared a few realizations from her last board.

We enjoyed brunch bites, “faux-mosas”, we had our music and a stack of magazines to flip through.

  • a few ladies had never made a vision board before
  • one guest refused to leave until she finished her board
  • one guest planned to make her teenage children do a board
  • one guest got emotional while thinking about her goals
  • one guest got jealous looking at the pics from our last event & was determined to attend this year
  • one guest was close to making her board but decided to crawl around on the floor instead

We also had a guest that  attended our last two Vision Board events share what she’s been able to accomplish by setting intention in her life. She was also determined to attend this year because she’s ready to Elevate her SLAY for 2017.

We had such a wonderful time, check out the recap video below:

It’s safe to say that we won’t be taking any more breaks with hosting this event. Who knows, we might do a midyear check-in event with these ladies 🙂