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2nd Annual Vision Board Brunch

“Write the vision, and make it plain….”

It’s practically impossible to achieve a goal without making it plain for you to see, comprehend and digest.

A vision board is a simple, yet powerful visualization and mind-mapping tool that helps you gain clarity about your desires and direct your intentions toward your goals.

Our 2nd Annual Vision Board Brunch will take place on January 10, 2015 at the Garden Place Suites in Sierra Vista, AZ. In addition to a Continental brunch we provide all of the materials you’ll need (poster board, glue, scissors and magazines….feel free to bring your faves).

Join us to create your vision board that represents all that you want to achieve in 2015, click the image below to purchase your ticket today!


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  1. […] Create a vision board – Vision boards give your goal-setting process superpowers; we’ll be adding clarity to all of our goals and focusing on achieving them. BTW, this will be happening at our (shameless plug) 2nd Annual Vision Board Brunch  […]

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