Hello, I’m Moniek James 

The best decision you’ll ever make is saying YES to your own evolution.

(but you can call me Mo)

Coaching since 2020

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I help world-changing women walk boldly in their power and show up fully expressed in all areas of their lives!

My life experiences have shown me that no matter what you have been through, with just a few strokes of the paintbrush, you can create a brand-new masterpiece.

These days you can find me spending quality time with my family, engaging in daily self-care, reading a good book, taking long walks, and having glorious do-nothing time; but my life wasn’t always this way.

I'm a Certified Confidence Coach, US Army Veteran, and Audacity Activator

Then a way out found me.

I wanted to get out of there, but I didn’t know how.
My life felt so underwhelming I couldn’t see a clear way out.

I was disappointed. I felt stuck. I felt invisible.

After graduating high school and not leaving for college as I’d planned, I found myself working jobs that did not light me up.

One day a friend told me about the military, and when she did I knew deep down that was the best decision for me.

I enlisted in the military with plans to blend in, do the work, and reap the benefits; however, my time in the military stretched me in ways I never thought possible.

While in training I was selected for a leadership position that yanked me out of the crowd and placed me in front of my fellow soldiers. I didn’t think I was capable, but Drill Sergeant Felicia Ortiz must have seen something in me.

I was continually pushed beyond my perceived limits, but it was only then that I saw the greatness I was truly capable of.

I grew deep roots and wide wings. I soared to new heights!
I learned that the only way to create the life you really want is to become someone you’ve never seen or been before.

I became the woman who decided she's worthy of what she wants and creates it for herself.

I became the woman who is both strong and soft.

I became the woman who shows up for her life.

I became the woman who breaks the mold, and shows others what's possible.

I became the woman, and it changed everything.

& now it's your turn!

So i became her...

It is solution-focused and includes:
  • Active listening to identify the areas of focus for each client identifying their strengths & shadows
  • Practicing self-acceptance and visualizing outcomes that they desire to create
  • Identifying new habits & support systems for creating their vision


ACE is my proprietary coaching methodology for creating a confident mindset.

This is how I can change your life

As a Confidence Coach, I help women around the world reinvent themselves, develop a confident mindset, break through what’s holding them back, and take up space in their lives. 

Ready to get started?

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