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All Proteins Aren’t Created Equal

The key to healthy hair is the balance between moisture and protein. If your hair is too moisturized it becomes mushy, if it’s heavy on protein you end up with dry and brittle hair.

If you have fine, damaged or porous hair, the strengthening effects of protein treatments are great, but did you know that all proteins aren’t the same?


Hydrolyzed protein can actually characterize any type of protein, it refers to a process of breaking down the molecules of the protein itself so they are small enough to penetrate and adhere to the hair strands.

Collagen improves hair elasticity.

Keratin is the strongest of the proteins; it is found in the hair and nails. It is known for improving manageability…sometimes to the point of straightening (AKA keratin treatment)

Wheat is known for providing a balance of strength and attracting moisture.

Soy is plant-based (duh!) and is also known strengthening and being a humectant.

You definitely need to have some type of strengthening treatment in your natural hair regimen, and now that you know the types and what they can do you can make the best decision for your hair.

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