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“Almost” End of Summer Hair & Skin Care Tips

We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but summer is almost over :-(. The Fourth of July has passed, the kids are going back to school, and some stores are already putting out Christmas decorations(we’re not ready Hobby Lobby!)

Just because the weather will be changing it doesn’t mean you have to start skipping those indulgences that have kept your hair and skin looking fabulous so far. Check out these tips to stay fabulous for those last few beach trips, BBQs and other summer festivities.


Lighter Moisture

While your heavy butters and creams are excellent for providing moisture for the hair and skin during the harsh winter months, continued use during the warm weather could potentially clog pores and lead to a host of other issues. Switching to lighter oils like grapeseed, jojoba, or coconut and aloe butter instead of cocoa butter will provide the needed moisture without causing buildup or breakouts.

Disclaimer: Our kinky and coily-haired readers usually have tremendous success with using butters as a moisturizer/sealant and styler. If it works for you and your hair, don’t fix what ain’t broke!


This too, kinda goes without saying, but with your weekends full of summer fun activities, it’s important not to forget to drink water.  If you’re dehydrated, it shows in your skin and hair, so make sure you’re drinking enough to flush out toxins and keep your body looking and feeling great.

Practice Sun Safety

Excessive sun damage no only causes wrinkles that make you look older, but cancer has been linked to sun exposure, so use sunscreen! After you’ve protected your skin, avoid fried tresses by covering your hair as well.  If you choose to, you can use products that are specifically formulated to protect hair from the sun, you can use your everyday leave-in conditioner, or a wide-brimmed hat will do just fine.


With the oils and sunscreen you’ll be using to protect and moisturize, you’ll need to exfoliate more often to make sure you’re encouraging skin cell turnover.  Skin that is less dry can tolerate more frequent exfoliation, but be gentle.


By moisturizing, hydrating, protecting and exfoliating regularly, you’ll be sure to keep your hair and skin glowing for the rest of these summer days.

Do you have any almost end of summer tips to share? Leave a comment of hit us up on Facebook ,  and remember to Be Exclusively Inclusive!