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Apps to Amp Your Fitness


The weather is getting warmer and gyms are full of people trying to get their bodies in shape for summer. If fitness centers aren’t your scene, we want to share three apps that you can use to help you get fit in time so you’ll look great whatever you’re wearing, including your birthday suit.


20140411-101919.jpgRock My Run – this app will match the music that plays to your running pace (Bruno Mars, “Runaway Baby” perhaps?). You choose your genre/DJ mix, and when the app detects that your slowing down the mix will switch to more upbeat music to give you a boost so you can finish strong.








20140411-102010.jpgHot 5– for those that are determined to do some type of physical activity every day, this app has a variety of exercise videos that you can do in five minutes. You can choose based on intensity and the type of equipment needed (mat, dumbbells, etc.)Waiting to pick up the kids? Waiting for the coffee pot to be done? Got five minutes? You can get a quick workout in, and if you have more time you can mix and match the videos for a longer session.




20140411-084111.jpg20140411-101940.jpgInstant Heart Rate –  no need to buy a separate heart rate monitor, use the tip of your index finger on the phone camera lens and this app measures your heart rate. There are supplemental tags to identify your activity level (resting before bed, just woke up, immediately after exercise, etc.) to help the app better understand your lifestyle.







If it is your goal to be healthier this summer, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to do it. Using these apps will help you ease into the transition of incorporating fitness into your life.

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