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Are You Making a Statement?

Are you making a statement??
When I wake up in the morning  I take a good stretch and look up at the ceiling. I say to myself “What kind of statement am I making today?’ And to that I respond, ‘Not really sure, let’s shower and figure it out then’.  🙂
So after I shower I begin to process appointments, meetings, who will be at these meetings, do I need to attempt to “impress” the people at these meetings, will I even leave the office today? I know I know, I overthink. But I have to, otherwise I’ll be the one in a tutu dress and pumps while everyone else is rocking flip flops and socks.
What are you saying today Ebone?! What do you want the people to know or remember about you just from your wardrobe? This haunts me daily and while it may not be that big of an issue for some of you, it is definitely the dangling chip that sits on my shoulder!
I want to be remembered for having great taste for each and every occasion. I want to be respected for my position and what I’m bringing to the table for discussion. For my fashion events I want to present a fashionable yet approachable aesthetic that is down to earth. For my 9-5 I want to present Director, managerial experience and know-how. That chip dangles ladies! IT DANGLES!
That chip was getting a lot of my time until I came across this awesome gem of a designer Kyemah McEntyre. She was recently brought to the Tyra Banks new show to discuss her amazing design for her Prom dress. Her message is one of courage, poise, tenacity, and creativity. I’m enamored with her!
Watch Kyemah strut her stuff here.
Her whole motivation for putting her beautiful work out on a social platform was to say and to show that you ARE enough as you are! I immediately I felt some ease. I’m not saying that you should skip out on the dress code handbook and instructions however, I am saying that whatever you delight yourself in whether it be in clothing, jewelry, goals, or aspirations it is ENOUGH! You are enough my loves! Don’t let anyone tell you different! No one can be you better  than you!
Photography: MV Photography
Clothing: Rejected Thrifts
MUA: kakeup makeup
Models: Gioia Kaid and Desniege Jose

Be great! Be first! Be best! Be different!

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