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Argan Oil for Oily Skin

“My skin is an oil slick….”

Raise your hand if you’ve said this before.

Let’s get to the root of why oily skin is oily in the first place:  to make up for a lack of moisture, the skin produce more sebum (oil), which often leads to acne (which leads to blemishes and scarring…).

Adding oil to the skin after cleansing and toning can lock in moisture and reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin (and less acne, blemishes and scarring).


Argan oil is known for its high vitamin E content, which has antioxidant properties that promote cell turnover. BUT this also contains an ingredient called sterolins. Sterolins can promote healthy skin cell metabolism and help your skin retain more moisture.  This oil also contains unsaturated fatty acids that soften skin.

Just as we seal moisture in our hair with oil, sealing moisture in our skin has several amazing benefits, and if you’ve going to use oil on your face, argan oil is one of the best options out there.

Here’s to healthier, luminous, less oily skin!