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Beat Winter Dryness – DIY Oil Blend Recipe

Winter is here! Are you drinking water?? (tell the truth…)

Hot, caffeinated beverages are probably your drink of choice right now, but you could be adding to your dry hair and skin woes every time you order a mocha-frappe-latte-ccino over good ol’ H2O. To cover our not-so-good food and drink choices we often rely on products to help us look our best.



Skip the creams and potions from your neighborhood drug store and make your own multipurpose oil blend that moisturizes dry winter-weary skin and restores moisture to parched strands. Beat winter dryness with this DIY oil blend recipe:


Coconut oil (one of the penetrating oils, moisturizes from inside out)

Apricot or sweet almond oil (non-irritating/absorbs quickly and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory, respectively) Nut allergies? Skip the almond oil…

Castor oil (promotes healthy tissue growth/nourishes skin/conditions hair)

**Since castor oil is the thickest of the three, a general rule of thumb is to use equal parts coconut and apricot or sweet almond oil and cut that amount in half for the castor oil. Store in a cool, dark place when not in use

For the body:  Apply using a spray bottle after your bath or shower (if possible, don’t dry off beforehand). The oils will seal the moisture into your skin and you won’t need to reach for lotion before going to bed/getting dressed.

For the hair:  Apply after shampoo and conditioning as an oil rinse, use as a prepoo or apply after you refresh/mist your hair.

Who do you know that needs to create their own oil blend? Be a friend and share this post, they’ll be glad you did 🙂