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The Benefits of Bentonite

Bentonite clay is formed from weather volcanic ash and oceanic sediment consisting of seaweed, algae and other marine life. It is known as a ‘living clay’ because of its detoxifying and absorption properties.

Bentonite works on the entire body; it can be used to clarify and condition the hair, detoxify the scalp and clarify the skin. Before you ingest any clay, make sure that it’s not cosmetic-grade, which is NOT safe to eat.


How can you incorporate bentonite clay into your regimen?

Mask: Mixed with water or aloe vera juice, the clay paste can be used as a facial or body mask to draw out impurities (think blackheads), tighten and soften skin.

Bath Soak: Pour 1/2 cup of clay into bath water to detoxify, tighten and soften the skin. As with any detox bath, you should drink plenty of water and try to plan on not doing anything else afterwards, you’ll need a nap.

Hair Cleanse: Mix 1 cup of ACV or AVJ with 2-3 spoonfuls of clay (depending on your preferred consistency) and apply to hair and scalp. Cover with plastic cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes. The ACV or AVJ makes the paste more acidic and closer to the hair’s natural pH, water is also an option.

Be sure to avoid using metal tools when mixing, metal degrades the clay’s ability to draw out toxins by attracting it’s positively charged particles.

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If you want to see a tutorial on our ‘Easy Application’ Bentonite Clay Hair Wash, check this out:



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