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Caring for your Nails, Naturally

With winter settling in, it’s important that we make the necessary changes to our body care regimens in order to keep looking our best. Our nails shouldn’t be the last on the list, and we’re providing a few easy tips to keep your top ten in top condition.


Exfoliate – mix a 1 tsp of sugar (white or brown, whichever floats your boat) with 1-2 tsp of oil and massage all over your hands to slough off dead skin and smooth. Add your favorite essential oil for an added aromatherapy benefit.

Add oil – to your cuticles, that is. We condition our hair every time we shampoo, why not condition your cuticles every time you wash your hands? Properly moisturized cuticles are less prone to hangnails, not to mention the cuticle is the first line of defense against nail fungus and bacteria.

Keep it Warm – hot water strips moisture from the skin, wash your hands in warm water if possible.

Use Protection – damage from the sun, harsh cleaning products and excessive washing can be damaging to hands. Use gloves when possible while doing dishes, gardening, etc.

Clip, Don’t Pull – Hangnails occur as a result ¬†of dry cuticles that peel. When these occur its best to clip them and follow up with an astringent to prevent bacteria from entering the nail bed.

Buff it Out – Some emery boards have been known to tear the nail bed and leave the edges rough and uneven. A 4-way buffer can be used too shape nails, remove ridges, smooth the nail surface and bring out the natural nail shine.

What’s your favorite method for pampering your hands? Let us know below!

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