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The Confidence to Be Your Own Beautiful – Women’s Confidence Night Recap

confetti collective mo james

Women’s Confidence Night at Barnett Salon Suites was AMAZING! The team at Barnett coordinated speakers to cover a variety of topics that are of interest to women of all ages, including finances, makeup & hair care, sexuality and confidence.

As your Confidence Pusher, Mo did her signature, “The Confidence to Be Your Own Beautiful” talk where she went over 8 affirmations that would inspire the women in the audience to transform. Mo defines affirmations as “positive statements that help us deal with negative stuff”, and she had an answer for those in the room that tended to believe that affirmations aren’t worth it.

She said, “Words have power; otherwise you wouldn’t get mad when somebody calls you something other than your name.”

We had a room full of laughing, clapping, high-fives and many YAAASSSSS! comments in the room.

Take a look at this video snippet from the event:


Posted by Barnett Salon Suites on Saturday, October 7, 2017

As The Confetti Collective grows and evolves, we hope that you are inspired to do the same. When you know that you’re becoming a better version of yourself, your confidence increases and you’ll begin your own personal revolution.



Inspiring Confidence,

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Raising Confident Girls: Five Tips for Grown-Ups

“Be nice.”

These two words are ingrained in our girls from very early in their lives. We remind them over and over and over again that niceness is important. We teach them that niceness is valuable. We tell them that if they’re nice, everything will be wonderful.

We don’t (as often) encourage them to be confident. If we aren’t as intentional, are we really raising confident girls?

In case you missed it, confidence is what we do. Through our blog, our Youtube channel, live events and our apparel we inspire confidence in women and girls. Confidence matters.

We believe that our girls (we take responsibility for being positive examples for girls, so they’re ours) are the next generation of leaders. As they grow to become future educators, entrepreneurs, executives and parents/caretakers, we should be girding them up with confidence and self-esteem.


Mo did a live chat about this topic, inspired by Taylor Swift’s mother. Check it out here.

Challenge her. Nothing helps our girls build a solid sense of esteem and self-value than trying (and finishing) something that they once believed was difficult.

Compliment specifically. Comedian Chris Rock once said that women need food, water and compliments….he is SO right. Girls needs to hear compliments as well, but if we want to really make an impact on their self-awareness, those compliments should be specific to them, instead of a blanket “You’re great!”, offer praise based on progress that she’s made on a challenging task.

Encourage assertiveness. The whole “be nice” thing can be dangerous because it sends a message to our girls that other people’s needs and wants are more important than theirs. “Be nice” tells them not to say or do anything that makes other people uncomfortable, without balancing that message with the important of their own needs. Make sure she knows that it’s okay to stand up for herself.

Change her language. Going back to this post, words matter. Encourage her to have frequent conversations with herself, and speak positive words.

Show her better than you can tell her. When she sees girls, young ladies and women doing amazing things, she believes that she can do amazing things. Surround her with role models that show her the possibilities, not the limitations.

In our society that seems to value selfies over self-esteem, it’s important to remind our girls that what REALLY matters is seeing themselves as valuable, worthy, strong and confident.


Living in Confetti,

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Words Matter: Confidence and Self-Talk

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

You don’t have to believe it, but it’s true – your level of confidence is affected by your self-talk.

Whatever you believe (and say) about and to yourself shapes how you feel about yourself. When it comes to raising young girls, it’s a MUST that they know the power of the words they speak to themselves. Self-talk has a tremendous impact on confidence, and we use our BYOB® and EmpowHER message to spread self-esteem and confidence in women and girls everywhere.

We recently had the opportunity to participate in a 3-day girls camp hosted by Barnett Salon Suites in Sierra Vista, AZ, and it was revolutionary. 42 girls between the ages of 10-18 learned about team building, how to make healthy food choices, art, wellness, fashion/style, hair care, financial management, fitness and how to be their own beautiful.


Replace negative self-talk to begin boosting confidence. #InspireConfidence Click To Tweet

During our “Confidence Course” workshop, Mo talked to the girls about the importance of speaking positive words to themselves as a way to boost confidence and improve self-esteem. The “small tinies” (elementary schoolers) received the “Beautiful Like Me” affirmation card, and the middle and high schoolers received a copy of the Confidence Code of Conduct. These documents were created to help our next generation of leaders build their personal practice of positive self-talk to feel good about themselves, and support others to do the same.


Click below and sign up to receive your very own copy of our newest confidence boosters for FREE!

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Is it Time to Quit?

“Quitters  never win.”

“Knowing when to quit may be the best strategy.”

Which one of these is true?  What if both are true? What if neither are true?  Do you know if you’re purposed to do something else in this life, and the thing you’re doing now is preventing you from getting started?

How do you know if it’s time to quit?

  • when the long-term costs outweigh the short-term benefits
  • when your priorities have changed
  • when you’re doing it for the wrong reasons
  • when you’re no longer passionate about it
  • when you don’t see a future worth pursuing

Sometimes quitting is an act of self-preservation; sometimes you just have to do it. But there is a lot of fear and doubt involved in making the decision.

I had this conversation with myself recently, and the answer became crystal clear to me as to what I should do.

Sometimes quitting is an act of self-preservation, but how do you know for sure? Click To Tweet

Watch this video to get the scoop:

You’ll find a lot of advice out there about how to know when it’s time to quit (including this post), but the bottom line is the decision is yours to make.

Whether it’s from a job, a business, relationship, etc. you have to be VERY CLEAR about what you really want in order the make the final decision.

Because confidence comes from clarity.

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Small Business HERStory: The Confetti Collective

Picture it: southwest Georgia, early 2013.

We’ve featured several small businesses on the blog, it was time you knew the complete Confetti Collective story.

After being stationed at Fort Benning for almost 5 years Uncle Sam told my family that it was time to go. Go to Arizona.

The move to Sierra Vista, AZ was pretty uneventful, after about 10 moves over the past 14 years I’d mastered the art of packing up my life into boxes before the movers actually arrived. Since I’d started my natural hair journey in 2008 and I couldn’t find any information online for resources where we were going, I hit up the World Natural Hair Show to snag as many deals as I could.

I was moving to the desert, remember???

Since then we’ve hosted events, returned to the ATL for the World Natural Hair Show to do some networking, sold natural hair products, introduced the brand from the stage, been featured in the local newspaper and magazine, written hundreds of blog posts, launched this apparel collection, then this one, and most recently, rolled out our digital magazine newsletter.

What is The Confetti Collective?? The #business HERstory here! Click To Tweet

I decided it was time to make things official and share the story for real – and make a small upgrade  to the website in the process. We recently published a new video for the About Us page where I made things official and shared The Confetti Collective story. You can check it out here:

We’re sliding into 4 years since the cross-country move that sparked this brand. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and I’m excited for what’s to come. There have been valleys that I’ve had to learn from, and peaks where we’ve celebrated. Whether you’re an OG reader or just got on board yesterday, I’m grateful to have you here.

I’m looking forward to more confetti on this journey, I hope you are as well.





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Ten Minutes + One Pan = DINNER!!!!!

I’m busy, you’re busy, everybody is busy!!

I’ll be honest, I’ve threatened bodily harm to my husband if he takes our child to (insert neighborhood fast food joint here) again….

As the HCIC (Head Cooker in Charge) in my house, that means I have to be more creative and manage my time better if I want to save his life and make sure they have dinner ready  when they get home. So over the years I’ve learned how to master the easy weeknight dinner, and when it only takes one pan to make, that’s even better.

When you’re running multiple businesses, managing a family, or coaching the neighborhood sports team in your spare time, you don’t always have a LOT of time to plan balanced meals so you can avoid the burger joint drive-thru lanes.

I consider myself to be “healthy-ish”, meaning I try to eat the rainbow most days and make sure my family eats most of the right things, but I can inhale a pepperoni pizza by myself every now and again…#dontjudge.

This ten minute, one pan meal is no-fuss, mostly no mess, and requires two ingredients!! Check out the video below:


If you want to make this dish meatless, you can substitute your favorite vegetarian-friendly protein and get your grub on!

This is the kind of fast food I like…… 🙂

Do you have a favorite one-pan dinner? Share it so I can add it to my recipe box!

Living life in confetti,

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PJ Getaway Recap

When was the last time you had a night out to let your hair down? In your pajamas? We hosted our first (definitely NOT the last) PJ Getaway in Sierra Vista, AZ and we had a blast!

We partnered with Atlanta-based brand, Hips4Love, to create an evening of fun, socializing, pampering, a little shopping with select local vendors. West End Wellness served as our venue, we managed to turn a normally serene, relaxing space into a lively headquarters of hijinks and ruckus!

Did I mention that we had a blast???

With DJ Driveline on the 1’s and 2’s, we danced the night away while enjoying massages, brow waxing, and other services!

Oh, and the food was “interesting” to say the least….LOL

Check out the recap video here:

Based on the feedback from this event, from vendors and guests, we’ll definitely be doing this again! Make sure you’re on the Insiders list to be the first to know!

Living life in Confetti,

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DIY Abstract Wall Art – for Less than $30!

Raise your hand if you’re frugal….

I’ve never considered myself to be an artist, but I’ll finagle my way through something if it saves me money. The cool thing about decorating your favorite space is that you can create something yourself. You can pretend to be an artist and create something abstract – subjective and only understood by you.

I experiment a lot with small decor projects in my house, and I decided to DIY my  wall art for my family room (AKA my second office).  Check out this video below to see how I created my mixed media abstract wall art – and I can continue experimenting with that I created to keep things fresh!


Have you tried DIYing your home decor? What did you create? Now that I’ve got this first one done, I’m looking for more ideas!!

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The Best Oil Mix for Long, Strong Natural Hair

natural hair oils

Hair grows an average of 6 inches per year. Many naturalistas don’t actually see that growth because their hair breaks off at a rate that is equal to or faster than the actual growth.

There are a lot of products that promise longer, stronger hair, but what if you could make your own product?? Oils are great for natural hair, and it’s easy to apply a little common sense when choosing what to use..

Check out the tutorial below for my DIY hair growth (and strengthening) blend:

If you’re ready to start making your own blend, here’s the list of what I used in the video (contains affiliate links) :

Amla oil

Neem oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil

This oil blend can be used as a prepoo, during your LOC, or as a scalp massage oil for your trouble spots. The key is, once you make it you have to actually USE IT consistently as a part of a healthy hair regimen.

Do you have a “Long, Strong Hair” blend? Let me know in the comments!

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2017 Arizona Black Rodeo

arizona black rodeo confetti collective

Where can you find steer wrasslin’, calf ropin’, mud bustin’, barrel racin’ and more on a Saturday afternoon? At the 2017 Arizona Black Rodeo of course! This event is one of the more popular events in Arizona and is committed to highlighting the contributions of African-American western heritage alive by offering a fun, family-oriented experience.

Hosted by the Arizona Informant, the Black Rodeo was held at Rawhide in Chandler, AZ and featured nationally known African American rodeo competitors. In addition to the show, guests had the opportunity to shop with several local vendors, hang out with Big Red, mascot of the Arizona Cardinals and meet and greet with the Buffalo Troopers Motorcycle Club.

Photo Credit: Ron Rivers Reflections


Check out the video recap below to see some of the festivities:

Have you event attended a rodeo before? This was my first time, and it won’t be my last, I guess I need to start looking for that perfect pair of cowboy boots 🙂