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Cheap Ways to Store your Beauty Products and Accessories

Part of our job is to help you feel better about your beauty product and accessory junkie problem (we’re not judging…lol). With that, we wanted to share a few ways that you can store your beauty products and accessories that won’t cost you a ton of money, thus giving you more cash to buy more products. See how we look out for you?

Check it out:


Arrange dollar store vases to display brushes, lip colors, nail polish and other beauty products. Use as little or an many as you need. Cost: $6












Take two plastic chargers and a candle holder to make your own cake stand…except use it to store and display your beauty staples. Cost: $3















Are you a thriftier? Check out the pottery/knick-knack section for unique storage options. This unfinished clay set is perfect for storing perfume rollers, brushes, powder and eye color palettes. Cost: $4












Tall dollar store vases are perfect for stacking chunky bracelets and anchoring necklaces. Cost: $3















If you’re a traveling fashionista, you don’t need to buy one of those expensive jewelry carriers, just go to the bathroom. Empty toilet paper rolls are excellent for storing your necklaces without the added worry of tangling. Cost: FREE