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Have Healthier Hair During the Cold Weather Months

Cold weather temps presents a challenge when caring for and styling naturally textured hair. Particularly for those in already dry climates, brittle cold weather can lead to excessive hair breakage. How can you have healthier hair during the cold weather months? Check this out:

Skip a shampoo day. The ingredients in shampoo that clean our hair so well also strip the natural oils, leaving the squeaky-clean (and consequently, more susceptible to breakage) feeling. Allow more time between shampoo days to preserve the hair and  scalp oils that make hair more pliable and elastic.

Incorporate regular deep conditioning treatments. When you do shampoo (or cowash or whatever method you use to clean your hair and scalp), follow with a deep conditioning treatment to soften the hair and boost elasticity by restoring moisture. Adding heat forces your hair cuticles to open and allow the nurturing ingredients to penetrate.

Moisturize the air around you. Colder air is dry, so incorporating a humidifier will add humidity (AKA moisture) to the air, and your hair.

Get oily. After you’ve added all that moisture to your hair, it’s important to lock it in with oil or an oil-based product. You get an extra bonus when you use coconut or any other penetrating oil to seal.

Go heavy. Products like butters, creams are puddings are going to provide longer-lasting moisture and protection for your hair in colder weather. Consider swapping out your lighter weight products that may not be able to withstand harsh wind and cold temps.


Just as you switch out your clothing when the weather gets cold, you have to change out your hair “clothing” when temperatures drop. Doing so will keep your hair in top-top shape and looking its best.


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