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Cold Weather Prep: Treat your Tresses for Winter

ColdWeather Like it or not, it’s going to be cold soon, and your hair is going to need a bit more from you in the maintenance and styling department. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get your hair ready for colder temps and make sure you’re putting your best hair forward.

Don’t skimp on the prepoo

A lot of people sleep on the benefits of the prepoo. If you’re not normally a fan, fall/winter is the perfect time to incorporate it into your regimen. Much like the hot oil treatment we know and love, the prepoo process involves coating the hair with oil and allowing it to penetrate prior to shampooing…a pre-emptive moisture boost.

Condition, Deep Condition…and more condition

The process of shampooing alters the hair’s pH, causing the cuticles to lift so dirt and buildup can be removed. Conditioner comes in a repairs things, helping cuticles close and adds moisture. In colder and drier temps your hair needs every bit of strength and moisture to be in optimum condition (pun intended).

Get Protective

Protective styling gives your hair a break from all of the daily combing, brushing, twisting and other fiddling that can create undue stress and lead to breakage. Tucking your hair away for a while (especially the ends, the oldest part of the hair strand), allows it to flourish in peace.


Steam, Mist or Moisturize Regularly

Think of your hair as a plant, and when the weather is cold and dry, you have to water your plants more often to keep the leaves nice and shiny and green. Your hair is going to need more moisture in colder weather, don’t you want it to be nice and shiny and green? (or whatever color you’re rocking right now?)

Get Serious about Sealing

After you’ve invested all of that time and energy into moisturizing your hair, you have to make sure you trap as much of it for as long as possible. Sealing with oil locks moisture in, preventing your hair from become dry and breaking.


If you’re already practicing all or most of these processes in your hair care regimen good for you! Keep it up and you’ll be go to go for the cooler weather.

If you’re not doing any of these yet, ease one or two into your regimen at a time, you hair will thank you for the extra TLC.