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Protective Style Files: Crochet Senegalese Twists w/ Side Braids

crochet senegalese twists side braids

Crochet braids have made a roaring comeback into the haircare space, and naturalistas are having big fun experimenting with different types of hair and styles.

The beauty of crochet braids is that you can still change up your look while keeping your hair tucked away, depending on your style. If twists are in your future and you don’t want to sit for hours, consider crochet twists for your next protective style!

Senegalese, or rope twists are a great alternative to braids, and if you want to add an extra dose of sass and edginess, leave your side braids exposed and rock a look that’s versatile and on trend!

Check out this video tutorial of crochet senegalese twists with side braids:


Are you rocking crochet senegalese twists right now? Post your pic in the comments!

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