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Deep Conditioning vs. Steam Conditioning: What’s the Difference?

Temperatures are rising all over the country, spring cleaning is complete (or in full swing) and we’re ready to shed the layers!

Warmer weather also means UV rays, chlorine and frizz…this is where your conditioning regimen can be very effective.

Naturally textured hair thrives when in a high moisture environment, but if you don’t live in areas with luscious humidity, what can you do?

On shampoo day you definitely need to do more than your  regular rinse-out conditioner…it’s time to take things up a notch by adding a deep treatment for your hair, but which method should you choose?  Steam? Plastic cap? What’s the difference? What does your hair like best?

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Deep Conditioning

We all know (hopefully) the benefits of a deep condition. Including a deep conditioning treatment into your wash day regimen is like the difference between eating  pot roast and eating beef bourguignon for Sunday dinner. Both will satisfy you, but the bourguignon is going to be a memorable experience. The same applies to rinse-out vs. deep conditioning; your hair gets a concentrated soak in conditioner that penetrates the hair fiber to add moisture and/or protein. During this type of treatment it’s common to cover your hair with a plastic cap or warm towel and sit under a dryer. After rinsing out the product you style as normal.

Steam Conditioning

Steam conditioning is a bit of a misnomer because one does not need to use an actual conditioner to reap the benefits. (if you want to use conditioner, by all means that’s your choice, your hair…). However, steam conditioning uses the singlemost best moisturizer known to man: water. Using distilled/filtered water is best for those of us in areas with hard water, since the heat will open your hair cuticles and allow the moisture direct access to your strands, with no need to rinse anything out.

Both of these methods are VERY effective for natural hair, the key is knowing you hair’s needs and using the option that serves you best. Healthy hair is moisturized and strong, so if you’re diligent to do some type of conditioning treatment after every shampoo you are well on your way to healthy, happy hair.

Do you have a preference between steaming and deep conditioning? Let us know in the comments!







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