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Kiss Your Dry Skin Goodbye – Double Butter Whipped Creme Recipe

  • Ointment of the Gawds.
  • Skin frosting.
  • Luscious Leg Lotion.
  • Hand Helper.
  • Hair crack.

What are terms used to describe Mo’s whipped shea butter? LOL

My 10-yr old was born with eczema. For the first year of her life we tried everything on the store shelves for her skin. Fortunately her condition didn’t warrant medications like prednisone, but I was determined to find something to heal her skin.

On the day that her doctor told me to go buy Crisco, I knew it was real…..

I challenged myself to learn all that I could about natural oils, butters and ingredients that have healing properties and would be delicate enough to use on her body.  Over the years my recipe has changed a bit as I continue to learn, but t shea butter is where it all began. After tying several different vendors and brands I finally found the shea butter that I enjoy using –  the Radha Beauty 16 oz. Premium Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter.

In this video I share my current recipe for my “Double Butter Whipped Creme, its safe to use on the skin or in the hair. I included the ingredients list below the video so you can make your own (if that’s your thing…)

I hope you enjoy:

Ingredients List: 

Unrefined shea butter (I use the Radha Beauty brand)
Avocado Oil (I use Beauty Aura brand)
Fractionated Coconut Oil  (I use the Dr. Adorable brand)
Aloe butter

Making my own products gives me an opportunity to do two things:

  • save money
  • know EXACTLY what I put in my hair and on my skin

I’ve also taught my daughter how to make this – when she gets older and has her own children I hope she’ll pass it down to them as well. <3

We’re creating legacy, remember?

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