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Eight Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014



2014PopularPosts_EightThe end of another year is upon us, and just like you, we take time to reflect on the past twelve months, including your responses to our blog posts.


As we plan for a more impactful 2015 we want to continue to provide more resources to help you look, feel and live better.





Here are the eight (not ten!) most popular blog posts of 2014:

1. Want to Install your Extensions in Minutes? (7/5/14)

2. Protective Style Files Vol. 7: Marley Crochet Braids (6/3/14)

3. Deep Conditioning vs. Steam Conditioning: What’s the Difference? (5/1/14)

4. The ‘ Hair-y’ Situation Surrounding Army Regulation Changes (3/25/14)

5. Sierra Vista’s ’”Wars” (3/14/14)

6. Chelating vs. Clarifying: What’s the Difference? (5/13/14)

7. CWK Straight Plates- Production Halted (10/27/14)

8. Hookie Do hangout: Mo Interviews Hookie Do Inventor (7/15/14)


2014 has been an amazing year! We can’t wait to see what more we can do next year!!!

Be Exclusively Inclusive!! (and Happy New Year!!!)