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Embracing Beauty, Naturally…in a Magazine

On a Periscope broadcast in early January, I encouraged our audience to claim 2016 as their “personal year of grace”. Grace is getting something that you didn’t deserve/didn’t work for/didn’t earn, it’s just a blessing.

So far this year The Confetti Collective has experienced a lot of grace…there’s so much going on behind the scenes, so many connections and opportunities are coming to light. The most recent graceful moment came in the form of a feature in Vitality Magazine, a quarterly local women’s publication.

I consider this opportunity to be SO much more than just another chance to talk about our BYOB shirts, but I was able to share the story of how we began and educate an audience outside of our target about the challenges I faced that sparked  this business, which hasn’t been shared publicly before.

I also got to speak to the entrepreneurial side of using the blog as a foundation for the business, and the message behind #BYOB.

Below is the feature shot from magazine, click to be taken to the newsstand to read the January 2016 issue (page 11 & 12).


This is only the beginning for  The Confetti Collective, I hope you stick around to see what’s next…better yet, get on this ride with us!

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