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Everything You Need for Your Fashion Emergency Kit

Have you ever had a fashion emergency? It doesn’t have to be something as extreme as a Super Bowl incident, a button that falls off in the most conspicuous place and the worst possible time, that’s an emergency!

Aside from a mini sewing kit (how else are you going to fix your missing button?) and clear nail polish (your moms probably told you about that one) there are a few additional items you need to complete your fashion emergency kit:



  • Double sided tape – most fashionistas have this, it’s perfect to keep your clothes in place (think plunging necklines, backless, etc.), eliminate blouse gaps, keep accessories (belts, scarves) in place and eliminate the pesky peek bra strap.
  • Black & white safety pins – A safety pin is a safety pin, right? Well, if you’re rocking your favorite LBD and the hem comes undone, wouldn’t you rather have a black safety pin than a silver one?
  • Dry cleaning foam – you’re probably thinking, “for what??”. Well, this is what those deodorant stain remover pads are made of, but much cheaper! And you’ll officially be #winning if you have the ones with sticks on the end like these to get those hard-to-reach places!
  • Liquid bandages – invisible. flexible. protects like a second skin….you don’t have to buy those uncomfortable silicone bras that don’t stay in place, liquid bandages are perfect to eliminate “headlights” if you’re going braless (AKA cover your nipples).

So there you have it, your fashion emergency kit is complete…but do let us know if we missed anything. Just drop a comment below 🙂