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{VIDEO} Update Your Fall Beauty Routine with KolourConscious

Triple-digit temps are gone, we’ve gotten used to school being back in session we’re seeing summer florals be swapped out for earth-toned hues that make us feel warm inside. Fall is officially here!!! We’ve already covered revamping your closet for cooler weather in this blog post, and now we’re covering your beauty routine.

Let’s face it – nobody has time to stay current on the latest beauty trends, wouldn’t it be nice to have the latest and greatest from up-and-coming brands delivered to your front door every month?

KolourConscious is a subscription box company that intends to enlighten each mind – one subscriber at a time – by awakening an awareness of businesses owned and operated by people of color. Hair products, skin care, beauty and lifestyle; new swag every month!

New products from new companies – you’ll be the first to know…and you don’t have to leave your house.

Check out this video to see what’s in the most recent KolourConscious box and find what  you need to update your fall beauty routine:


This box is perfect for college students on a budget, people that want to invest in businesses owned by people of color or as a gift for your BFF.

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