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Fashion Friday || “Build Your Own” BYOB

Hey folks, Mo here. Happy #FashionFriday!!!

A few weeks ago I got a crazy idea while sick in bed  (most of my ideas are far out there..). I wanted to allow shoppers to come to the website and create the BYOB top they want. We get feedback from customers about shirt colors and styles and lip colors, but I wanted the create the ability to customize a BYOB top to the point that we see more variety in the market.

Fast forward a month, I’m excited to announce that we now have an option to customize a white tank or short sleeve top with the lippie design of your choice! This is just the beginning of my vision coming to fruition, we’re working on adding more short colors and more text color options as well for the BYOB design.

As a small business I count this as a MAJOR milestone, this type of service is typically reserved for large corporations with a large staff and large budgets. (we are/have none of the above..)

You can get the deets in the BYOB 2.0 Collection here, you can choose your size (small -2X), lippie color and select short sleeve or tank.



Several of the lippie designs have never been released before today! Thank you for your support and patience as we revamp, expand and grow, everything we do is aimed at making your experience with The Confetti Collective a more pleasant (albeit unique) one.

I can’t wait to see the Collectivists rocking their custom lippie tops, be sure to tag us on Facebook, IG or Twitter when you post your pic.

Be Exclusively Inclusive!

` Mo