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Fashion in Your MailBox

Don’t you just LOVE standing in your closet, staring at the multitudes of clothes, and thinking, “What am I going to wear?”

Okay fine, maybe not….

These days the convenience of home delivery has expanded to the fashion space with companies that will actually send clothes to your front door!


Check out how you can get your fashion sent to your mailbox:

Wanna be chic at the office? Check out Mm. LaFleur.

Trendy and fashion-forward? Le Tote is where you you want to go.

Like designer blouses for a Fabulous price? Don’t miss Elizabeth & Clarke.

Want a curated collection of trendy pieces in a reusable tote? Golden Tote is the spot.

We can’t forget about your man…. Buck Mason

Regardless of your personal style you can pretty much find the company that will mail you clothes, and most “subscriptions” aren’t overly expensive. When you consider the time spent going from store to store and making your purchases you make actually save a little depending on your label preference.