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Feature Friday: Jane Lorraine

Jane3 In case you hadn’t heard, we at The Confetti Collective are Exclusively Inclusive. It is our goal to provide information and resources on lifestyle topics that our readers are interested in, as well as showcase our readers because they’re awesome. Allow us to introduce Jane Lorraine, one of our naturally textured hair neighbors to the north, hailing from the Buckeye State:




How long have you been natural?  What inspired your decision to wear your natural texture?

I have not had a relaxer in 5 years, but didn’t actually understand being natural until 3 years ago.  I actually went natural by accident!  I got tired of getting relaxers, which always gave me scalp burns, and just stopped getting them.  I also started to learn more about the dangers of relaxers for your skin and health but mostly I was at a point in my life where I wanted to truly accept my natural beauty.  Getting relaxers didn’t fit my definition of acceptance and health.

Do you think the growing popularity of naturally textured hair is a trend?  Why or why not?

No, I believe it is a movement!  More women of color are learning to accept their natural textures despite a culture that has not accepted our beauty.  Going Jane2 natural is a bold statement of resistance against negative messages and self-love.  It is so amazing and wonderful to me to see so many women who are confident in themselves and embracing their greatness.

What is your go-to hairstyle?

Today, my main style is the twist-out.  This style keeps my hair manageable and carefree since it will usually last me 3 days before I have to re-twist it.  I can also do a variety of other styles with the twist-out as my base.  I use the flat-twist method so it doesn’t take long to do my hair either.  I am all about ease and consistency.

Do you have staple products?  What are they?

My favorite products are TRESemme Naturals shampoo and conditioner, Karen’s Body Beautiful leave-in conditioner, Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie for my deep conditioner, Jojoba and Olive Oil mixed as my sealer and raw Shea butter for styling.  When I first went natural I was a product junkie, but I have a good regime now that really works for me.

Do you have a hair crush?  If so, who is it?

I think all naturals are beautiful in their own way, but I have been crushing for a while on Naptural85 and Taren Guy.  I love Naptural85’s shiny long hair, and Taren’s amazing curly afros!


What advice would you give to a new naturalista or someone considering wearing their hair in its natural state?

Having natural hair is more than just trying a new hairstyle trend or fad.  It is a personal and political statement of pride and love for yourself.  You will learn many things about yourself as you go natural, so pay attention to your journey.  I have found it to be a freeing and enjoyable experience.  Notice how a wonderful thing happens when you accept yourself and let go of external beauty standards that do not nurture you.  Most importantly, I want all my natural sista’s to love yourself just the way you are because our kinky, curly, coily hair is BEAUTIFUL!

Where can our readers find you online?



Twitter: @JaneALorraineJane5






Be sure to check out Jane’s blog, and keep in touch with her via social media. And don’t forget to Be Exclusively Inclusive!


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