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Fierce Fashion: Get to Know the Dashiki


Did you know that National Dashiki Day is October 30?

A dashiki is a loose, colorful tunic that originated in West Africa (some of our readers may have family members who rocked these back in the day…). Even though we’re seeing dashikis everywhere from the streets to the runways, this isn’t a “trend”, wearing a dashiki is an expression of culture and pride in one’s origin and it’s even worn as a form of protest.

Also referred to as an “African robe”, the dashiki of today is seen in all areas of fashion. The vibrant beauty of the colors and the breathable fabric make the dashiki a a fierce statement piece that’s perfect for a night out, or a chic casual option for spending the day with the homies.

To help me celebrate National Dashiki Day I received a dashiki top and bottom from Dashiki LA, and since I’m the Queen of multi purposing everything, I styled the two-piece outfit in two ways:


Neither of these pieces are heavy, they caught a nice breeze while covering and protecting my skin from the harsh Arizona sun. The colors in African clothing have a deeper meaning, check out a few that are represented in this outfit:
Blue:  represents love and peace, it symbolizes the sky, and is a harmonious color.
Green: represents prosperity and life and is also a medicinal color.
White: represents spirituality and purity

Are you ready to shop with Dashiki LA yet? Be sure to use the code ‘Confetti” to save 20% on your total purchase! I got a few jewelry pieces as well, I’m wearing a necklace in this pic that I posted on my personal brand IG account.

Note: the #BYOB cropped sweatshirt that I’m wearing was a custom color for me (#FoundHERPerks), you can see the entire #BeYourOwnBeautiful Collection here, and if you want a custom shirt, we can do that! Email me:

Tag me in your dashiki pics so I can see how you’re wearing it! I’m nosy like that…:-)

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