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Five Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Fashion Industry

You read that correctly, the fashion industry can teach you about life….really.

Sure, when people think fashion they think “superficial” and ‘stuck up’, but there really are some valuable nuggets from the fashion industry that are good to know for general life on…


1. Always be prepared. If you’ve ever been behind-the-scenes at a fashion show, you’re liable to see ANYTHING going on as designers are getting models ready to walk the runway. When those unexpected situations occur and they’ve been prepared for, consider it a crisis averted.

2. Learn the basics. Piggybacking off numero uno, if you’re a designer that can’t sew with a needle and thread…..yeah, you’ll always have the basics to fall back on when shortcuts, technology and other newfangled conveniences fail you.

3. Hard work pays off. Again, have you ever seen what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion show?? There’s no way around it, ya gotta put in the work in order to see the success.

4. No woman is an island. If you’re a fan of fashion competition shows you would get the idea that the winner did it all by themselves, but lest we not forget the mentors, advisors and ultimately investors that help aspiring designers achieve their dreams. Be open to accepting help from your friends….

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5. Presentation matters. If it were just about the clothes, designers wouldn’t bother investing their time planning runway shows complete with hair, makeup, music and such. The presentation is important.

See? The clothes are just scratching the surface, literally…