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Four Fashion Tips to Rock Your Personal Runway

The 87th Academy Awards airs this Sunday, and in the spirit of red carpet glitz and glam, we want you to feel like a star in whatever you’re wearing. Regardless of size, shape or whatever, you can look like as fabulous as a celebrity; check out these four fashion tips to rock your personal runway:

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1. Proper Fit – the art of fashion rests with a proper fit. If it’s supposed to be a loose fit (boyfriend jeans, poncho top), it should be loose. On the other hand if it’s supposed more fitted (pencil skirt, slim leg pants), it should be fitted. Anything less would be unfashionable…….

2. Fabulous Foundation – you want to present a sleek, seamless look under your clothes, and a foundation garment (AKA girdle, shaper, Spanx) can help you do that. No matter what size you wear, a smooth appearance under your clothes should be your goal.


3. Blaze On – one can never go wrong with a blazer. Dress up jeans and a tee, add a fun & edgy look to a cocktail dress or look like the amazingly fashionable professional that you are.

4. Make Yourself Smile – your clothes, your business. Wear what makes you happy. If that includes tie-dye socks and a floppy hat, rock it with confidence and don’t let anybody dull your shine 🙂


Fashion doesn’t only exist for one size; as long as you dress for the body you have, every time you step out of your door you’ll strut down your personal runway….strike a pose!