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Four Reasons to Go to Bed Early Tonight

Just go to bed!

The average American adult gets about 6 hours of sleep per night….it’s recommended that we get a minimum of 8…..we are seriously shortchanging ourselves.

Sleep is our body’s chance to repair itself and recharge, and if you’re anything like Mo, you could use a few extra winks. We’re running our households, shuffling from one appointment to the next, starting and growing businesses and volunteering, it’s no wonder we’re tired!

Particularly in the small business community, the ‘late nights, early mornings’ sentiment is applauded; people are admired for their dedication to the hustle.

However, as Mo says in this Periscope broadcast, the hustle IS real – but so is the self-care.

The #hustle is real, but so is the self-care. #takecare Click To Tweet



Make a commitment turn off the TV at least an hour before you normally do at night, put away the mobile devices, get comfy and doze off. Before you do, check out the four reasons to go to bed early tonight:

  • clearer head – cognition, memory and decision making are reduced when you don’t get enough sleep. Get your purse out of the fridge and go to bed.
  • better sex – studies show that impaired sleep has a negative effect on testosterone levels, we don’t need to say anymore about that….
  • better mood – everybody deserves to be slapped when you’re tired, don’t risk it
  • look better – no red, puffy eyes, no splotchy  skin and a glowing complexion
  • look better (again) – lack of sleep increases production of the hormone leptin, which controls  hunger and feelings of satiety. Remember the last time you didn’t get enough rest and you ate a whole large pizza? That’s leptin…..

Lack of sleep also affects your ability to make decisions and slows your reaction time, that means your commute and your productivity at the office is now in jeopardy.

Whatever it is you think needs to be taken care of tonight can wait until tomorrow, promise.

That’s enough reading, time for bed.