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Four Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Retaining Moisture

Okay, fall is here and you’re freaking out because you haven’t figured out this moisture thing. You follow the LOC method, using all of the products you see other naturalistas raving about, and your hair is still a crunchy mess.


  1. You shampoo too often/too much. Shampoo is for cleaning the scalp, not the hair. Over shampooing (multiple times during one session or too many sessions) can lead to that “squeaky clean” feeling that isn’t good for natural hair. Curls, coils and kinks need natural scalp oils like fish need water. If you can’t skip a shampoo day, consider using a foam shampoo to focus on cleansing your scalp only.
  2. Your cleansers contain sulfates. Sulfates are a chief ingredient in surfactants, detergents that not only remove buildup and dirt from the hair and scalp, but also remove the natural sebum from the hair.
  3. You’re using the wrong products. Generally speaking, oils and butters aren’t moisturizers…with the exception of coconut and a few other penetrating oils, you’re actually sealing the hair, locking out any moisture in the environment. True moisturizing products contain WATER.
  4. You’re ignoring your ends. The ends of your hair are like the senior citizens….they’re older, fragile and you need to do whatever you can to keep them healthy and around for as long as you can because, well, they complete you :-).

It’s important to know that if your hair isn’t retaining moisture, the problem is NOT your hair, so don’t give up on your natural hair journey. Fortunately for you, you know people, and those people know stuff…