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Four Ways to Stretch Your Style $$$

Let’s keep it real, can you afford to totally revamp your wardrobe every season? The occasional shopping binge is okay, but we simply don’t have the dough to engage in retail therapy every weekend.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you should suffer in a fashion rut. You can (and should) definitely be a savvy shopper, AND you should make sure that your hard-earned dollars aren’t wasted once you’ve added to your fashion stash.

SO, we’re here to help. Check out these four ways to stretch your style $$$:


  • Shop your closet. It’s easy to forget what you have in there! Resist the urge to wear your favorite black slacks with the same purple blouse you always wear; remember that cute skirt you bought on vacation 2 years ago? It just might work instead…….
  • Style swap. Instead of going shopping, host a style swap party with a few of your fashionable friends to score some new threads without spending a dime.
  • Thrift store/resale. Over the past few years it seems like everybody has re-discovered thrifting, hasn’t it? There’s a reason for that…style is eternal! You’d be surprised what you’ll find while perusing your local thrift store, and don’t be afraid to take a foundational piece, like a LBD or a trench coat, and make it your own!
  • Add accessories.¬†Remember the tip above? You can totally change your look by adding different accessories, like wearing a scarf or necklace as a belt, using clip on earrings to glam up a pair of ballet flats OR changing the buttons OR adding studs to your new favorite sneakers.

The possibilities are literally endless, but you should get started with these four awesome tips to stretch your fashion bucks!