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Got Juice?? Your Next Juicer Recipe

Summer is almost here! (I know, those of you on the East Coast beg to differ..). Believe it or not, the time will be upon us where we’re sporting sandals and shorts sitting by the pool, SO now is a good time to start thinking about changing your eating habits for the better so you look your best.

I’ve been a juicer for about 5 years, I started out of convenience, and began to realize the positive changes in my body. Over the years I’ve experimented with a lot of different blends and I still add in a fruit or vegetable that might be on sale just to see what it tastes like.

If you’ve never done it or are curious about it, here’s a video where I added my new favorite vegetable, and it’s really good! Check out your next juicer recipe:


Here’s to a healthier, more beautiful you!!!