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{Guest Post} Summertime Fine…On a Dime

Summer Thrift Tip #545
Shop the lingerie section of your fave thrift store for super awesome tops!


Here’s why:


Figure flattering
Anything in the lingerie section is SURE to fit the shape you have without having to worry about those clumps of material settling in places that are not flattering. Now, granted, not all lingerie is created equal but I am certain that it’ll give you the shape you’re looking for!


Breathable material
We all know lingerie isn’t made to ‘cover’ everything (or anything for that matter) and it’s material tends to lean towards  sheer in its appearance. Here in Arizona, the less material, the better!


Most def a unique look!
You can partner it with a high waist skirt, shirts, jeans, etc! It can be a camisole, bralettte, corset, or kimono style robe! The possibilities are endless! Have fun and rock out! Recreate. Restyle. Repurpose. It’ll give you a nice little edge when you walk out on the scene and everyone is wondering ‘where’d she get that fashion forward top?’ And you’ll happily reply, ‘From the thrift store!’


Happy Thrifting!
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