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Have you Found your ‘Fave’ Stylist??

Here at The Confetti Collective we are always looking out for professionals in the hair, beauty, fashion and health and wellness industries. Not only do we want to help you find your way to a better life, but we value the expertise of a professional partner on the journey. We connected with a Tucson hair stylist recently and once we found out that she’s a Carolina girl herself ;-), we KNEW that it was destiny that she be featured. Read below for our interview with Dianna “Urfavstylist”.

Do you wear your hair in its natural state?

Yes, I wear locs.

How did you make the transition to your natural texture?

Back in October 2006 I decided to “loc up”.  At the time I had relaxed hair that was in the process of transitioning. During my transition, I wore braids or a weave until I was ready to do the big chop.  I did not do my big chop until my baby locs had begun to bud on the ends.  I then went and had the remaining relaxed hair cut off.  It was rough but my own were the first set of locs that I had ever cultivated.   I’d done braids and weaves since I was a young teenager but this experience
birthed my love for natural hair especially locs!

How long have you been a hair stylist?

I’ve been a professional stylist  for almost 5 years.  However, I have 15 years of hands on experience.









What percentage of your clients have textured hair?

Whether it be straight, curly or kinky(tightly coiled) all of my clients have some sort of texture.  85-90% of my clients have a curly or tightly coiled texture and are natural.

Do you have a specialty?


What is it?

I take pride in specializing in naturally textured hair. Too many people are afraid of it.

What’s your hair philosophy?

NATURAL IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS! Before any service can be performed on hair we must first understand what we are working with.  If you understand the natural state of any person’s hair you can then easily envision your end results and better understand how to get there.

What are your favorite products to use on client’s hair?

Currently, I’m in love with Laran’s Memory Foam and Luxury Hair&Body Oil.

If you could change anything about local the hair care industry what would it be?

In Tucson stylists have a tendency to hoard information, clients and we lack unity.  I realize that stylists are allowed into multiple personal bubbles(and/or spaces) daily.  A person allowing you to get that close to them on a regular basis is not something to be taken lightly.  I feel that as Tucson Stylists we should take advantage of our intimate client/stylist relationships and use them to grow ourselves and the community for the better.  There is more than enough to go around for everyone and it takes teamwork to make any dream work.  So I guess to answer your question in a shorter version I’d say we need more unity and to build a better network.  Services that I don’t offer could benefit another stylist and vice versa.  There needs to be more communication!

What advice would you give to someone looking for a stylist to care for their textured hair?

ALWAYS be sure to check your stylist’s credentials before having them work on your hair. You are paying for a professional, so you deserve a professional! Make sure your stylist is knowledgeable about your hair texture and the products she chooses for you. It is always a bonus when you get a stylist that is willing to teach you how to fish and not fish for you! You should be educated on how to take care of your hair in between visits.

How can our readers contact you for services?

Check me out at  or call me at 520-409-8837.  $20 OFF 1ST SERVICE and DON’T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT YOUR FREE GIFT!!! I am located inside Sola Salons at 7090 North Oracle Rd, Suite 80 Studio 6 in Tucson.


TWITTER: @Urfavstylistdee

INSTAGRAM: #Urfavstylistdee