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Hectic Day Hacks to Get Yourself in Check

by Cassandra Tucker

Being a working woman and juggling all of life’s other responsibilities is not to be taken lightly. How is it even remotely possible to excel at your 9-5, spend time with friends and family, and find the motivation to exercise? It’s probably even taxing to read this article. Stress does the mind and body no good, so it’s time to replenish and renew your wellbeing.

You wouldn’t drive your car on no gas and worn down tires would you? Not unless you were asking for a breakdown. It’s time to give your mind, body, and soul some extra loving to get through your most hectic days, and it won’t take you much money or effort (phew). Utilize these hacks to make the most of everyday while taking care of yourself too!


The early bird catches the worm – and I’ve found it to be more than true! Waking up early sets the entire tone for the day. It doesn’t matter if you have to force yourself out of a bed with a hot cup of coffee or the sizzling of bacon – treat yourself!

Even if you had to literally roll out of bed you still deserve a win. Rising before the sun frees up some time for you to start your day peacefully. No need to rush and trigger anxiety before your workday even begins.  Before you leave your bed meditate for a few moments or simply stretch. Even a few tiny moments of meditation can clear your mind, and your day will be brighter already. Enjoy your breakfast sitting at home instead of while driving to work.

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Waking up early not your cup of tea? You still deserve to treat yourself every single day. Even if your day is crammed with work and a million other responsibilities, find the time to give yourself a pat on the back. Grab a gourmet coffee after work on your way to the grocery store as a little pick-me-up or reward for getting through the 8-hour workday.

Squeeze in a quick yoga session at home before you hit the sheets – there are a ton of awesome yoga routines on YouTube just for getting a good night’s sleep! No matter how crazy your most hectic days become the key is to always care for your wellness. It doesn’t take a massive bank account or (thankfully) more than a few moments, but it will make a world of difference.


Whether it be waking up early and easing into your day, expensive coffee that soothes your soul, or some quick yoga poses before sleep, put your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness on top of your list of priorities.

You won’t regret it 🙂