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Inaugural Vision Board Brunch Wrap-Up

In case we haven’t said this to you already, Happy New Year!

We hosted our Inaugural Vision Board Brunch on Saturday January 11, and if the feedback from our guests is any indication, it was a great experience for all. Our brunch menu consisted of vegetable frittata, BLT paninis (provided by Fresh), apple crumb cake (provided by Hana’s Japanese Bakery) and fresh fruit. Guests were also served coffee, water, and orange-tangerine spritzers.

After a brief overview of what a vision board is we cranked the music up and got busy. All materials were provided, including poster board, markers, glue, scissors and there were over 50 different magazines to peruse for inspiration. Guests also received a complimentary copy of “Brainstorming your Vision Board”, a booklet that was created for the event.

As all of our guests were entrepreneurs/small business owners, many of the items of the boards were similar;  desires to achieve the next level in their specific businesses, travel, financial independence and many used inspiring quotes about focus and growth.

Below are a few pics from the event:

We are grateful to our guests for spending their Saturday afternoon with us, and we’re looking forward to doing this again next year.

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