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Is Your Hair Fine or Thin??

You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it the same thing??” No, it’s not…and not knowing the difference isn’t helping you on your natural hair journey. Here’s what you need to know:

Is Your Hair Fine?

Fine hair refers to the width of the actual strands, fine hair is the thinnest of the three types (there’s normal and thick AKA coarse). Fine hair usually doesn’t have much volume on its own, so lifting the roots or styling hair when wet creates the illusion of full, voluminous hair.

It’s important to not use an excessive amount of product on fine hair as it can weigh the hair strands down, making them clump together and allowing the scalp to show even more.

NOTE: Fine hair occurs naturally, there isn’t anything permanent that you can do to change the width of your hair strands.

Is Your Hair Thin?

Thin hair refers to the number of strands, or density. Having a lower number of hair strands can be seen with normal or even coarse hair. Thin hair also doesn’t have volume naturally, so it’s important to go easy on products and stick with styles that make hair appear more voluminous.

If you don’t have naturally thin hair, your hair is thinning and you may have some options: you can start with using products that help regrow hair (you’ve seen the commercials). You should also see a dermatologist/trichologist to determine if there is an underlying medical condition  that is causing your hair to thin.

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Knowledge is power, right??