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Is Your Hair Protein Sensitive??

black woman with natural hair

For most of the natural hair community, coconut oil can do no wrong.

Known for its many benefits including oral health, moisturizing the skin and even in your beauty regimen, this oil is also a building block for stronger hair, which is why it’s the bomb.

Unless of course, it turns your hair into a dry, crunchy, brittle, messy mess.

black woman with natural hair

If you find that your hair and scalp are dry, flaky and ashy-looking whenever you use coconut oil, this could be a sign of protein sensitivity. The challenge is, there are different types of protein (more on that in this blog post) and different product combinations can lead to any number of hair and scalp issues!

If you have any of these side effects after using certain products your hair may be protein sensitive:

  • hair is straighter than normal
  • feels like straw
  • difficult to detangle
  • breaks easily
  • dry and rough ends

Keep in mind that there are some protein treatments available that actually INTEND for your hair to feel hard and almost brittle, particularly if the directions require the product to dry on the hair.

If you determine that you do have protein-sensitive hair, be sure to limit the use of products that contain protein, AND those that help hair retain protein, like coconut oilclay or henna.

In the event you do experience unwanted effects on your hair, sometimes all it takes to “fix” your hair is to do a clarifying treatment or a super moisturizing conditioning session and your hair returns to its normal state.

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