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I’ve Got the Big Shirt Blues!

Hello all it’s me again!

I was put to the challenge a little while ago to select an item from a store and jazz it up as creatively as possible! Well, you know I rose to the occasion and jump at any opportunity to REcreate, REstyle, and REpurpose!
I perused through the store for a lucky model and a lucky piece to transform with only other items I could find in the same store.
I tried pants and top, NOPE!
I tried a skirt and a tank, NOPE!
I even settled for something simple, a dress…NOPE try again!
I was called to this little number here:
A whimsical oversized blue and white button up top with a belt to be tied around the waist.
Time was winding down so I snatched the model and got to work!


 – I told the model to put it on as if it were a regular old shirt. Leave the belt off (for now…evil grin)
  – I tried a few things and then settled on an aqua colored braided belt to cinch the waist since it was a few sizes to big on my model.
 – ROLL UP THOSE SLEEVES! The sleeves were a little above the elbow so I just took my time and rolled them up fold by fold until a lovely little cap sleeve was created! I adored the creation more and more!
 – What to do with the matching belt??? Glad you asked! I tied the belt around the neck to create an ever classic, very classy and chic pussycat bow.
 – ACCESORIZE! I grabbed a nautical clutch and a nice eye catching piece of costume jewelry and BAM!
Life was given!



See ladies! It doesn’t take much to get your wardrobe going! You just have to have a little patience and a little creativity to boot! Fashion doesn’t have to be costly, nor does it take much thought most times. All it takes is a little can do attitude and you TOO can take a drab piece in your closet and turn it into FAB in a matter of minutes!


Until next time America!
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