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{VIDEO} Microblading: After the ‘After’ Photos

You’ve seen the microblading brow sculpting process here on our blog, and you have some doubts. Even though we’ve shown you what microblading does, how microblading is done and we’ve told you how long microblading lasts….

you might still have questions.

You might be wondering what your brows will really look like after the procedure is done.

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How much does microblading cost?” Prices vary, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for…my local brow whisperer, Acacia B. Brows, charges $250 $500.

What if the microblading doesn’t take?” Make sure your microblading fee includes a touch-up appointment so any light spots can be redone for no additional cost.

So, I’ve documented my microblading healing and recovery process in a video…that you can watch…right now.

Check it out:


After many years of waxing and threading, my brows were uneven and thinner than I liked. After getting microblading they’re fuller, more even and I can get by without using brow powder….#winning.

Now, if you still have questions about microblading, post them below! You know I have the hookup with THE brow artist in Arizona, I’ll pass your questions along and get the answers you need.

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